How to Get More Money Back from your Tax Returns

Did this year’s tax leave you baffled?  Did you feel like you paid way too much tax? Don’t blame the government or its policies, at least not yet! You may have overlooked a few essential things when filing your tax returns, which has resulted in low returns. Read on to what they are and steer […]

10 Investment Mistakes Couples Make

Investments are a very important part of retirement planning. This is also a very tense area that needs to be covered by couples. There are several studies conducted that show that bad investment planning is the reason for stress between many couples. For many, investment is just a monthly expense and they don’t feel the […]

Robo Advisors on the Rise in Asia

The world is seeing technology-led disruptions across the globe at a pace that is unprecedented. From payment banks to digital wallets and peer-to-peer lending, the traditional and often conservative world of finance is being turned on its head. These changes are manifesting not just in the developed economies (United States and Europe) but also in […]

Financial Wellness & Technology- HRIA Conference, Mumbai

In a world that revolves around money, many worry about meeting their financial requirements. In fact, money-related stress is the most widely reported form of stress at workplace. Financial stress can be detrimental to the quality of life leading to reduced employee productivity, and ultimately impacting business profitability. In a session at the recently concluded […]