Holiday on A Budget: 5 Tips for Making Your Holiday Affordable and Still Enjoyable

Holidays are often an expensive affair, with all the travelling, parties, gifts and everything else that we just have to do. But a budget holiday is not as impossible as it may seem, provided you’re willing to put some time and effort into planning it. There are several ways to save money on your holiday […]

Millennials Earn Less, Spend More on Themselves During the Holiday Season

Muskan, a 25-year-old photographer, has just ventured into this professional field. Her education field was psychology. But by the end of her masters, she decided to do away with it, and make a career in photography. At 25, where most millennials start earning and supporting their family, Muskan is still living off of her parents’ […]

Are you Guilty of These 15 Money-Wasting Moves? Here’s How to Stop

We all want to become master of our money instead of being a slave to our habits, but let’s admit – we all give in to a lot of temptations. These temptations may seem fine at that moment because they’re relatively small, however, if you add them all together, chances are, you’re going to find […]

2019 Personal Financial Goals- Starting Fresh This New Year!

2019 is around the corner and most of us have already made new year’s resolutions. While losing weight or reducing the number of beers per week is admittedly important, setting a financial goal for the new year to come is just as important. Making a clear financial goal for the year is the equivalent of […]

Employee Wellness Tips for a Prosperous and Productive Year

In the context of corporate history, the concept of keeping employees healthy and happy to increase productivity at work, is relatively new. The concept of holistic “wellness” rather than just focusing on physical health is even newer. In fact, as an HR professional myself, with an experience of more than 40 years, I’ve observed that […]

EarlySalary – School FeES

The way schools operate today can make finances a tad bit more challenging for the parents. This is because many of the top schools imparting the best education require them to deposit fees quarterly or semi-annually. Add to this the cost of books, uniform, transportation, etc. and the financial burden reaches new heights. So, what […]