Are the Late 20s The Most Financially Stressful Period of Your Life?

As any 20 something having lived in the 2010s would concur, financial planning and money management is a critical skill to have in today’s day and age, perhaps more than in any period before. It’s a common belief that your late 20s are the most financially stressful years of your life. Which is partially true. […]

A Guide To Being A Financially Savvy Traveler In 2020

Long gone are the days when traveling out of station meant burning a hole through your pocket and losing a chunk of your hard-earned savings. With evolved tech increasing connectivity to the internet, there are new ways to curb the financial burden for a trip. Here are some ways to prevent overpaying or unnecessarily increasing […]

Powering Financial Wellness for Corporate India: EarlySalary’s Employer tie-Ups

As an increasing number of organisations across the globe recognise the paramount significance of financial wellness programs for their employees’ financial health and well-being, a common awareness in the corporate sector is the concern about financial literacy among new and existing employees. 72% of the employees in Indian workplaces had no idea about how to […]

World Thinking Day 2020: How Is Corporate India Doing on Diversity & Inclusion?

Compiled By: Raksha Agarwal Gupta, Head Talent Management, Rewards and Culture.About Raksha: She has 13+ years of experience in all facets of HR with core strength in Total Rewards, HR Shared Services, and Business Partnering. Prior to Ecom Express , she has worked with Max Life Insurance, Religare Enterprises, and HSBC Securities Services, in her […]

World Thinking Day: Do Millennial Women Have Equal Access To Credit?

“On virtually every global measure, women are more economically excluded than men.” – The World Bank’s Gender at Work report (2014) Millennials across the globe have been defining their equations and setting their own norms in the career they choose or the business they own. They are the trendsetters, the startup generation, the innovators irrespective […]

Valentine’s Day Stats: How Credit Helped Celebrate Love In 2020

Compiled By: Akshay Mehrotra, Co-Founder & CEO EarlySalary About Akshay: He has more than 16 years of experience, with large conglomerates across multi-industry domains such as Retail, Consumer Services, Banking, E-commerce, and Insurance. He is responsible for devising EarlySalary’s product strategy, and in pursuing his mission of turning his Fintech venture into India’s next unicorn. […]

God Helps Those Who Help Themselves: This Shiv Ratri, Pick The Right Personal Loan

In India, there’s rarely a month without a major festival. As we get ready to celebrate Shiv Ratri with grandeur and families plan to get together to make memories, it is important to ensure we’re well set to fund our grand celebrations. With family gatherings, outings, or even short trips on the horizon, our wallet […]

Spouse In The Same Office: A Closer Look At The Implications for HR

Compiled By: Sandeep Raghunath About Sandeep: He is the Head of Human Resources at EarlySalary, with 10+ years of international experience in HR across industries. It is perfectly natural for a professional to fall for another if they’re working in the same office, or are spending a significant amount of time together. Open and vulnerable […]

#MattersOfHeartAndWallet: 7 Signs You’re In A Relationship With A Freeloader

Ritvik had planned a movie and dinner date with Smita on Valentine’s Eve. He’d switch to a new job very recently, but despite being a little short on funds, his lovey-dovey spirits weren’t hampered. The couple watched the movie and enjoyed their dinner date but when it came to sharing the bill, his girlfriend was […]

Valentine’s Day Fact Sheet: Matters of the Heart And Wallet

Love is the most uncensored emotion that creeps unknowingly in each of our lives. Or, to put it better, it has been ubiquitously present as a part of our existence. Underlying in almost every benevolent act of ours, we celebrate it every day. But just as a sapien needs his birthday to claim another year […]