Financial Wellness – All about having the financial freedom to make choices.

In the present evolving workforce, businesses are revaluating how they approach employee benefits. In the endeavors to draw in and hold top ability, organizations are meaning to make all the more engaging advantages programs. They are thinking about new, progressively extensive ways to deal with benefits. Considerably more significantly, they are pondering the make-up of […]

The Convergence of Machine Learning and Big Data In Credit Risk Management

Compiled By: Balakrishnan NarayananAbout Bala: He is the head of analytics at EarlySalary, with over 15 years of extensive experience within the banking and finance industry. At EarlySalary he is responsible for building machine learning and analytical capabilities within the risk, marketing, and customer analytics. For Bala’s passion for solving complex business problems, in 2019, he got […]

Get your loan approved within few minutes with instant cash loan apps

In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic and sporadic lockdowns – and their impact on our finances, running from pillar to post for loan applications and approvals is the last scenario you’d want to deal with. In this age, with all services digitalized, borrowing online is now easy. With dozens of lenders advancing loans online, instant […]

Returning to Work after COVID-19: A Guide

Compiled By: Sandeep Raghunath About Sandeep: He is the Head of Human Resources at EarlySalary, with 10+ years of international experience in HR across industries. Remember the rush in the crowded metros at the office hours? Remember the group meetings of the corporate projects? Remember those long office hours at the workplace?  Now, that phase of […]

The Relationship Between Yoga & Financial Wellness

“Do not save what is left after spending, but spend what is left after saving”. This infamous quote by investing tycoon and philanthropist Warren Buffet summarises the criticality of managing your finances effectively and consistently. Financial wellness or financial well-being can be summarised as efficiently managing one’s economic life. It includes many factors such as […]

This Father’s Day, Let’s Remember His Financial Advice With #PapaKehteHain

In many homes across the world, especially within our nation, fathers have been traditionally responsible for the financial well-being of their children. This has extended to their role of teaching a child how to sustain themselves when they are on their own. This Father’s Day, let’s celebrate some of the absolutely vital, key pieces of […]

How many ways can you get a personal loan in India?

Personal Loans are arguably the one-size-fits-all solution for all urgent and uncategorized needs for money. Unlike specified loans – like a home loan or an auto loan – these loans are usually unsecured, which essentially means that you can get them without any collateral and the money can be utilized for any purpose. The flexibility […]

Compliance Calendar: Important Tax Dates for 2020 [After Coronavirus Changes]

The global nature of the coronavirus has compelled life as we know it to come to a halt. In the wake of this pandemic, India is no exception. With a majority of commercial and non-commercial activities being put on hold for the last 2 months due to the ongoing national lockdown, almost all aspects of […]