5 Habits of Women Who are Smart With Their Money

Ever wondered why some women are better than the others at handling finances? Is managing money in a better way rooted in genes? Are some just more intelligent or more qualified? A bit of both perhaps. A 2017 Fidelity study shows that women save a larger proportion of their income than men. Another study built […]

The Complete Guide To Getting A Two Wheeler Loan Within Minutes

It’s undeniable that getting your vehicle brings with it a sense of freedom, and the first vehicle one generally owns a two-wheeler. The experience of a two-wheeler is liberating, and in addition to being cost-effective, a two-wheeler is the perfect means of transport for everyone. If you have been thinking of shelving away your dreams […]

A Personal Loan For Medical Emergency: Just What The Doctor Ordered

When it comes to any kind of contingent expenses or unforeseen expenditure, a personal loan is like a quick fix solution – be it for a marriage, home renovation, or an unexpected ailment.  A medical emergency in the family though, it can take a toll on you not just on the physical front but also […]

The Millennial Way of Splurging on Experiences – Made Possible With Personal Loans

Millennials rate experiences above all else. The world may have inclined towards materialistic possessions thus far, but for this demographic, all that is trumped by the real experiences that stay forever. After all, those are the moments to be lived for.  Experiences are what makes someone who they are. Nothing can be taken into the […]

A Beginner’s Guide For Choosing and Comparing The Best Personal Loan Offers

Personal loans are ideal for both aspirations and pressing financial needs. Called an unsecured loan, this type of credit is extremely popular, making up 28% of all bank credit in India. Unsurprisingly then, there’s no shortage of lenders seeking to meet this market demand. Some even give you instant approval after applying, and you can […]

What is Financial Literacy and why is it important?

In major corporate institutions, the HR and finance departments work together and attempt to create financial harmony for the organization’s assets – its employees. It is the HR professionals who are in the position to partner with the finance function to deliver a direct impact on improving financial literacy among employees at every organizational level. […]

The Most Reliable Strategies for Promoting Financial Wellness in the Workplace

Have you ever considered: How many employees are living salary to salary or paycheck to paycheck? The relationship between productivity and financial wellness? How many employees have their retirement savings exhausted before actual retirement? How many employees, both men, and women, actually agree that their compensation is keeping up with their cost of living? Most […]

Restructuring Your Personal Loans – The Solution Is Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation relates to the process of taking out a new loan to pay off other debts, generally unsecured ones.  Manifold debts are merged into a single one in which the payoff terms are favorable to you. A debt consolidation loan is that unsecured personal loan which is taken to combine all other debts into […]

Here’s How to Recession-proof Your Finances

India found itself among recession-affected countries when its first quarter’s (April-June) GDP growth rate fell by 23.9% – the worst contraction in Indian history. Unemployment rates are historically high, and the economy is in bad shape due to the worldwide pandemic. This is similar to the global recession from the 2008 financial crisis. Over 43 […]