What Does It Take To Build A Revolutionary New Financial Product For Everyone?

The IDC report stated a very interesting possibility of digital payments overtaking cash by 2022 in India. All of us are well aware of the fact that the young Indian population is tech-savvy and is ready to embrace fintech like never before. The fintech scene has witnessed a digital and consumer revolution in post-pandemic India […]

What Makes EarlySalary One Of The Most Preferred Loan Lenders in India?

We all experience a financial crunch when our monthly expenses go over the limit. Instant loan applications are the ideal solution to save you from those inconvenient cash crunches. Since there is no need for physical documentation or even to meet in person to get your loan, it takes less time for the loan approval, […]

Employee Financial Wellness Trends in 2021: Where are we headed?

To say that the year 2020 has been challenging would be an understatement. However, the knowledge, experience, and insights we’ve obtained, have in one way or another directed us on to some interesting paths! Far more enterprises now recognise the significance of providing financial wellness assistance to encourage their employees. With businesses being disrupted by […]

Tips On Money Management To Survive in Metro Cities

Moving to an entirely new city with no family support and warmth from your friends can get on your nerves. In contrast to our hometowns, most metro cities are typically taxing, making it harder to live and handle your expenses. You will need to manage a lot on your own. While we’ve shared money management […]

Simplify Your Loan Life: With the EarlySalary Credit Suite

At EarlySalary, we were beyond excited to announce the introduction of EarlySalary Credit Suite, a one stop credit solution for all. After all, our Credit Suite is packed with Instant Loans, Personal Loans, a Free Credit Score check, and an all new ‘Salary Card’. For EarlySalary, this was a logical evolution of all that we have […]