EarlySalary’s SkillUp Fest: EdTech, Accelerated

If there’s one thing that’s as exciting as the fintech sector, it’s probably EdTech. The Edtech industry has been disrupting the traditional and diverse world of education, changing the way learners and instructors interact. Several enterprises are already relying on EdTech in some form or the other, and the popularity of this industry is only […]

The relationship between investing in financial literacy and employee retention

Every healthy company culture is mindful of including programs and initiatives to contribute towards their employees’ overall well-being, especially when it comes to upskilling and educating them regarding important subjects such as financial literacy. Investing in financial literacy programs and workshops can help organizations relieve employee stress and significantly improve retention rates in the long […]

Can I Apply for a Personal Loan Using an Aadhar Card?

With the recent advancements in the financial sphere, personal loans have been made readily available with little documentation required. Aadhar Card Loans have been rapidly rising in popularity as they allow consumers to acquire a personal loan without having to go through the hassle of complex paperwork. Unlike traditional bank loans, they are completely hassle-free.  […]

How Moms Staying At Home Can Become Money Masters

Let’s be honest, being a stay-at-home mom isn’t an easy life. Changing diapers, feeding your little one, and taking care of other chores at home makes the entire day seem like a blur for most. Moms who are enthusiastic about going out and working fail to make enough time to make the amount they need.  […]

Take A Pledge This Republic Day To Attain True Financial Freedom

If you are able to afford a lifestyle you’ve always wanted using your savings, cash, or investments, we’d say you’ve achieved “financial freedom”. Simply put, you have a definite source and/or sources of cash inflow that’d pave the way for you to afford your dream lifestyle.  However, this is not as easy as it sounds, […]

How To Win Over The Impulse Of Online Shopping War

On average, 42% of us overspend online, later having to deal with the financial repercussions, according to a CouponFollow report. Many of us even use credit cards on such splurges, making the whole event even costlier, as not paying the full amount due will attract hefty interest rates. This may even lead to a vicious […]

Same Day Loans: Solution to Your Urgent Financial Needs

There may arise times when you have financial emergencies where urgent expenditures can’t wait. Half the people in the country are underprepared for medical emergencies. When you own a small business and need to buy machinery or pay your staff or come across a medical emergency, you need instant cash flow to fulfill your needs. […]

How Much Personal Loan Can I Get Based On My Salary

A personal loan is a relatively easier loan to procure when you’re facing unprecedented financial emergencies and ensures that you have access to funds when you need them the most. However, the amount for which you can get personal loans can vary due to several reasons, mostly centered around why you need it and what […]

You Don’t Have To Wait To Build Your Dream Home

Everyone dreams of having the perfect ‘home sweet home’, but in the end, end up waiting. You could lose the opportunity to buy your dream home if you are waiting for property prices to come down or better days to come to buy that home. “Buyer paralysis” – or, as it is popularly known these […]

Let the Lohri Warmth Turn Your Debt Problem Away

The new year festivities are nearly not over and Lohri, another popular festival, is right around the corner. While it is all fun and frolic while the festivities are going on, all the expenditure during this time can burn a hole in your pocket.  The new year shopping coupled with the financial hangover from the […]