EarlySalary introduces #BetterWay and #SafeSigns to educate consumers and improve awareness

EarlySalary, one of the leading applications for instant loans, is introducing a customer-centric consumer awareness intending to educate them and make them more aware of the risks and necessary precautions associated with online lending and related platforms. Instant loan apps have come under public scrutiny and faced widespread criticism due to recent scams and frauds […]

Five Years of EarlySalary: From MVP to a Much Loved Product

Five years ago, on the 23rd of Feb, we pushed out EarlySalary MVP with a belief that it would be a stepping stone for building a credit ecosystem that would power and upgrade our customers’ lives in a meaningful, tangible way. We were a small team that worked around the clock, spent sleepless nights fueling […]

Why Your Employees Should Be Helped With Budgeting?

Succeeding as an organization requires a robust combination of business skills, change management and decision-making, and most importantly, happy employees. Employees need to drive performance and create value for the organization. In return, the ideal enterprise should assist them with what matters the most – budgeting and financial wellness. Especially in an age dominated by […]

How To Find The Best Lender For All Your Financial Needs

Whether it’s a holiday, investment, or even something as small as purchasing an item online, we all have fallen short of having enough money at least once. The bigger challenge is, however, finding a trustworthy lender when the need arises. Of course, there are websites that allow us to apply for an online personal loan, […]

Salary Card or Credit Card: What Should You Choose?

As we all try to pave our way amid our daily chaos, financial decision-making becomes increasingly complex. Of course, one such dilemma is choosing between the variety of credit cards that are available. While some offer a higher spending limit, others pack in attractive offers. Confused much?  We, at EarlySalary, understood this and were itching […]

It is Time To File Your Income Tax Return. What’s Changed This Year?

The global (along with the Indian) economy, has had a tumultuous journey in the past year due to the setbacks from the global COVID-19 pandemic. However, with the vaccination process underway, we’re returning back to normal and all activities are resuming in full swing. In the midst of this, the BJP-led Government announced its Union […]

Things to Look Out for in Your Salary Slip

Excited to see those figures in your salary slip but confused why the credited amount does not match? Well, there is a difference between your take-home/ net and gross salary and the CTC (Cost to Company). If you are puzzled by these terms, then keep reading this blog as we break down each component on […]

Financial Wellness Programs: Perks or Necessity?

With salaries getting simultaneously competitive and harder-to-live-on, financial wellness is a term we’re all increasingly becoming familiar with. It’s also being rolled out as part of the policy in many corporates. While it isn’t exactly a fresh concept, many are still divided on whether financial wellness programs are an additional perk or a core expectation […]

Budget 2021: What Does It Mean For You?

Featured image source: Moneycontrol The budget 2021 was definitely one of the most closely followed budget sessions. All eyes were on the Hon’ble financial minister Nirmala Sitharaman to announce some relief after a particularly tumultuous 2020. The budget did grab some eyeballs for being the first-ever paperless budget, so to speak, in line with the […]

Instant Cash Loan Vs Credit Card: Which is the Better Option for You?

As consumers, ideally, we want to be able to fulfill all our wants with our salary whilst preserving a rainy day back up.  But in reality, most of us have little option but to borrow to bridge the gap. As financial institutions carpet bomb you with loan offers, mailers, and SMS, it is important to […]