Here’s How To Tackle Your Compulsive vs Impulsive Shopping Habit

To a great extent, we all get excited by consumerism but some fall prey to compulsive and impulsive shopping behaviors. While most of us think a lot about money- how much we have, how much we need, how to get more, etc., we still end up messing up our finances and budget. Given the importance […]

How To Take Care Of Your Women Employee In your workplace

While our country advances and the GDP of the country is on a steady rise ever since 1991, the participation of women in the workforce has been seeing a declining trend. From the year 2004- 2005 where it was 42.7 percent, it has fallen to a mere 23.3 percent in 2017 to 2018. According to […]

Signs Indicating The Need For Financial Health Checkup

Financial planning can be a tricky business. Managing finances is not really as simple as it seems and sometimes you may hamper your financial health without even realizing.  Your overall financial health comprises several things such as:  Your credit score,  Your investment portfolio,  The liquidity of your assets and  The amount of savings and emergency […]

#AasaanOverEhsaan: Introducing The EarlySalary Referral Program

“The more we share, the more we have.” We’re putting this quote by Leonard Nemoy into action, as we present EarlySalary’s lucrative and attractive Referral Program – now available for our current as well as new users.  EarlySalary, if you’re familiar with us, is one of the most innovative lending platforms in India, established with […]

Financial Habits In Your 20s That can Make You Rich In Your 30s

Whether you are a young graduate, a small business owner or a professional in your 20s, the desire for a good lifestyle is common. However, that lifestyle you aspire cannot be sustained by many unless there is a steady fire hose of regular cash flows. This is why you need sound financial habits that can […]

Tips To Do Budgeting With A Variable Income

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting your business venture, or a freelancer who is still exploring their options through different projects, budgeting with a variable income is never easy. If you are one of the 31.8% of urban Indian workers who are self-employed or work as a contractor or freelancer, your overall income is directly […]

Transcend Boundaries, Straighten Finance: #YouGotThePower

From juggling household errands and office chores, from being a daughter to a sister to a wife to being a mama, she goes around heroically vanquishing every barrier in her path.  This Women’s Day, as we commence our campaign to applaud “her”, we urge you to join hands with us, to empower, exemplify, educate and […]

Catch Up On Late Bills With EarlySalary

Falling behind isn’t a pleasant experience, especially if it’s falling behind on bills. Late bills can be extremely stressful and as everybody understands – they can spring up due to several reasons. That’s no excuse though, as defaults can easily mean non-availability of a vital service. Fret not, the EarlySalary team designed this step-wise guide on […]