Employers: Learn The Art of Financial Wellness

A recent survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling found that only 5 percent of people struggling with debt reported having a job. In comparison, 89 percent said they were unemployed or had a part-time job. This is not surprising, according to business, finance, and banking experts. Essentially, employers are abandoning their employees financially […]

How EarlySalary Helps In Instant Emergency Cash Loan

Every individual tries to save for the future, whether for a mishap or fulfilling a dream. But it is not always the situation that things happen as pre-planned. Sometimes the unexpected happens, for instance, the emergence of COVID-19. Nobody was prepared for this pandemic, and the year didn’t turn out as planned.  According to the […]

Instant Loan Vs Gold Loan: What should I choose?

Loans aren’t always planned. Sometimes they are under time constraints, like in the case of sudden expenses or medical emergencies. However, procuring a loan isn’t easy. Getting a loan from traditional banks and other financial institutions is time-consuming, especially during lockdown restrictions. If you were to take a loan from money lenders who will charge […]

Best Personal Finance Influencers You Should Follow in 2021

We all have learned a few tips and tricks from our parents to manage our money, haven’t we? In addition, most of us have taken advice and inspiration from people who’ve touched our lives. In a world filled with social media content, where we continue to observe and learn from people on our feeds, why […]

How Instant Loan Help to Fulfill Your Financial Needs in this Lockdown

Just when you think everything is coming back to normal, the dice seem to have been rolled again. After the first wave of the pandemic, people were hoping for some semblance of normalcy. But with the coming of the second wave and an expectation of subsequent waves, it seems this is the new normal. Right […]

Let’s Pledge For Safety Against Covid-19

You must’ve heard it before; prevention is better than cure. And prevention is especially needed for our fight against Covid-19. When the second wave hit this year, many states in India suffered tremendously and still are. India’s healthcare system has tried tirelessly to save lives; however, India dealt with the shortage of oxygen and the […]

Financial Wellness: Why Should You Care About It?

Like physical wellness, financial wellness should occupy a central place in our list of life goals. Unlike physical wellness though, it is often ignored or taken casually by people. According to research, with 69% of workers being stressed about their finances and 72% worrying about their finances at work, it’s not hard to see why […]

How Important is it for HR to Understand Finance?

HR’s passion for employee welfare and finance’s love for financial metrics in an organisation aren’t two distinct functions operating in different universes. The two departments co-exist and function together along with sales, production, marketing and other departments. While HR is tasked with hiring and training the production force, it requires digesting quite a lot of […]

HR and Finance: Working Better Together

The conventional function of HR, being people-centric, makes it more of a front-office function juggling with minds and ideas. While separated from HR, Finance controls the figures and numbers at the back-office end. This divorce between two essential functions in an organisation slows down processes impacting the business’s ability for growth and adaptation. Peter Spence, […]