Budget-Friendly Laptop for Your Child’s Online Classes

The pandemic has led people and organizations worldwide to make several important changes, and not just in their workflow and lifestyle. Among these is the way education is imparted. It has gone completely online with the help of video-conferencing and online file-sharing applications. Virtual learning has become the new normal, but as the students spend […]

5 HRM Books Every HR Should Read To Ensure Financial Wellness To Employees

Financial wellness is not a destination that we can arrive at without much worry, but rather a journey that we must undertake and make a way of life. But how can we be sure of this? Financial wellness is a term that refers to a person’s overall financial health and is one of many factors […]

A Few Must-Have Kitchen Appliances For Lockdown Chefs

The pandemic brought along with itself lockdowns and quarantines. All the hopes and desires of going to restaurants and trying different things to eat went down the drain. But humankind has always found ways to fight against adversity by innovating. The Internet came to their rescue and everyone tried to be chefs at their own […]

Offbeat Workation destinations in Bangalore

So what is workation? It is, as the name implies, workation is nothing but working while being on vacation. Try splitting the word into two parts, which results in work+vacation. This has gotten a lot of millennials excited. And why wouldn’t they be? After all, you can enjoy all of the perks of your wanderlust […]

EarlySalary announces CarES campaign in its fight against COVID-19

Times are extremely tough now, especially with the worldwide turmoil created by the Covid-19 pandemic. EarlySalary hopes that you and your loved ones are healthy, safe, and taking precautions. We are well aware of the problems our team members, friends, and family are facing and we deeply care about the impact the pandemic has caused […]