Do You Need Cash In Just 10 mins For An Urgent Expense? Emergency Funds Can Help

Highlight: Those squirreling away for rainy days may be able to sleep a little better at night with the help of Emergency Funds. If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is that you never know when you might need funds. From unexpected medical emergencies to crashing businesses, several unexpected scenarios […]

This Festive Season Upgrade Your Lifestyle On EMI

Highlight: This Diwali season, indulge in luxury shopping this festive season with the EMI route! Going into the festive season this year, do you find yourself stuck in a dilemma to indulge yourself in shopping or to sit back and sulk your way back? Festive seasons can get us a great purchasing window that otherwise […]

RBI Has Made e-Wallet Safer For Users. Know-How To Avoid Fraud!

Highlight: Learn how to set up an e-wallet with the help of RBI guidelines for a safer and user-friendly experience. The Reserve Bank of India recently announced its new project linking its two digital systems together to keep up with India’s evolving digitised payment practices. They aim to link the UPI (Unified payment interface) to […]

Tips For Integrating HR and Payroll

Highlight: Integration isn’t a luxury; it’s a requirement for managing your team. You’re not alone if you’ve had enough of utilizing numerous HR and payroll services at once and are ready for a change.  If you’re tired of working with various systems that don’t communicate with one another, an integrated payroll system makes sense. Separate […]

From Electronics And Home Appliances To Furniture And Decors. Shop On EMI This Diwali

Highlight: As Diwali comes closer, houses get ready to celebrate in full enthusiasm. But with this enthusiasm also come expenses, something that EMI can help you manage. As Diwali comes closer, houses get ready to celebrate, filled with enthusiasm. From fairy lights on the terrace to new utensils to your mother gathering the entire house […]

Remote Work Can Boost Productivity And Curb Burnout. Here’s How

Highlight: The introduction of remote work in the workspace was not the easiest to adapt to. But it looks like it has some promising benefits to offer. Before the pandemic hit us, if you told any manager that they should allow their employees to work from home for the entire month, they would probably laugh […]

Which Loan Should I Pay First With My Bonuses?

Highlight: Spending and investing is real fun but using the amount to repay debts with your bonus, is double the fun. But if you need more money after spending your appraisal or performance bonus, EarlySalary is here to take care of it. Diwali season is here, and so is the customary Diwali bonus.  Every year, […]

Are You Investing In Employee Wellbeing And Not Just Their Job?

Highlight: Employers have started to look beyond what the employees bring to the table towards a more holistic approach concerning employee welfare. Until about a decade ago, companies focused only on one thing, the capital their franchise generated. This could come at the cost of the employee’s wellbeing and their emotional, and physical health.  But […]

In India, Which Saving Schemes You Should Invest in?

Highlight: Choosing the right saving schemes in India can help you reach your financial goals in a lot less time and help you grow your savings exponentially. ‘Do not splurge your money. Invest judiciously’ This is that one piece of advice that you will start getting the moment you hit twenty-five. The problem is that […]