What is a bank statement and why do you need to submit it with EarlySalary?

A bank statement is a summary of transactions over a given period that includes the account owner’s name and account number along with bank data, charges, deposits, withdrawals, and deductions. The initial and closing balances of accounts are also shown on a bank account statement.  What is a bank statement? In a nutshell, a statement […]

Steps to get your bank account statement

A bank statement, also known as an account statement, is a bank-issued document that details the actions in a depositor’s savings or current account over the course of a given time and allows account holders to keep track of their transactions and accounts regularly.  Bank statements are required as a mandatory document when applying for […]

How to get your bank account statement as a PDF

A bank statement is a summary of transactions over a period. It includes the account owner’s name, account number, charges, deposits, withdrawals and deductions. Lenders like EarlySalary require users to submit a bank account statement in PDF form to apply for personal loans or instant cash loans.  If an account holder uses internet banking, the […]

How to get a bank statement without net banking credentials

Many customers of popular banks use online services to meet their banking needs and to check bank balances online. However, there are often instances when people do not have access to the internet or when online banking. In such cases, the question often asked is how to check my bank account balance or how to […]