How to Apply for a Personal Loan of Rs 5 lacs with EarlySalary

Emergency can arise at any time and not everyone has adequate funds to deal with them. In such situations, personal loans can be very helpful. Quick personal loans provide funds and the confidence to cater to immediate needs such as unexpected medical expenses, debt consolidation to save interests or even home repairs.  If you need […]

Home Renovation Loan: All You Need to Know

Home used to be the heaven where people could come back from work and relax before the pandemic. Now, home are transforming into offices and schools. Even during regular days, the home needs renovation from time to time to stay trendy and comfortable. This is where a personal loan for home renovation provides the required […]

7 Tips to Help You Manage Long Term Personal Loans

Personal loans are the preferred choice when you want instant funds to cover your planned or urgent expenses. Most of these loans come with flexible repayment tenures that you can choose as per your convenience. Choosing an extended loan term reduces the EMI amount and makes repayment more manageable. However, managing it for such a […]

How to Manage Your Unexpected Wedding Expenses

Different types of unexpected expenses may arise while planning a wedding, like vendor cancellation, getting invitation cards re-printed, outfit malfunction, etc. At such times, a personal loan for wedding makes instant cash available to you. It also brings to you several other benefits, like fast approval, flexible repayment, and easy online application. Organising a wedding […]