Salary Advance or a Personal Loan – Choose a Loan that Works for You

With inflation (and expenses) increasing consistently, it is challenging for folks to pull through the entire month with their salary. Receiving a fixed salary at the end of every month should ideally guarantee financial security, but sometimes, there is a possibility of you facing a shortage of money due to unseen situations. In such scenarios, […]

A Well-designed Financial Wellness Program can Help You Succeed. Here’s How!

The days of organisations benefiting from a straightforward retirement plan or all-inclusive health insurance have long passed. Millennials, particularly Gen Z, are demanding more extensive, inventive, and distinctive fringe benefits. Besides benefits like work-from-home alternatives and flexible paid time off policies, financial wellness programs are quickly gaining popularity. Here is a brief explanation of financial […]

What are the Documents Required to get an Instant Cash Loan

Barely a little more than a decade ago, paperless loans seemed a far-fetched option before the internet, combined with digital banking, made several advancements that changed our lives. Before the paperless era, getting a loan was a tedious, inefficient and complicated procedure. Now, thanks to the free market that sits atop our digital infrastructure, fintechs […]

How To Get an Instant Loan without Credit Score

A credit score is one of the first measures a lender considers when you’re applying for a loan in India. It’s this information helps the banks and lending institutions evaluate any individual’s creditworthiness and repayment ability while applying for a loan. So, does it mean that people without credit scores aren’t eligible for a loan? […]