With the recent advancements in the financial sphere, personal loans have been made readily available with little documentation required. Aadhar Card Loans have been rapidly rising in popularity as they allow consumers to acquire a personal loan without having to go through the hassle of complex paperwork. Unlike traditional bank loans, they are completely hassle-free. 

What documents do you need for Aadhar Card loans?

The introduction of the Aadhar Card as a viable paper-less e-KYC documentation has had a significant impact on the country. Aadhar Card automatically fills up the biometric information required for the eligibility criteria behind acquiring personal loans. You can use your Aadhar Card as ID proof or address proof during the documentation process. Therefore, the days of carrying a heap of files with you to the bank are long forgotten! However, you must carry your salary statements, PAN Card, and bank statements for the successful approval of your personal loan.

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Role of Aadhar Card in Personal Loans

A personal loan is every man’s savior during treacherous times. Whether it is a medical emergency or household requirements, you can easily apply for a personal loan to lend you a helping hand. Make sure you submit your KYC (Know Your Customer) documents before applying for a personal loan using your Aadhar Card. The KYC documentation ensures prevention against fraud and money laundering activities. The option of providing your Aadhar Card as a means of identity proof has made the process of acquiring personal loans twice as easy since the ordeal of going through biometric checks are a thing of the past. Personal loans are usually taken up during emergencies and the fast-track process of Aadhar Card verification ensures quick, timely approval of the personal loans. 

personal loan, aadhar card loan, financial wellness

Aadhar Card Loans on Fintech Platforms

Using an Aadhar Card for personal loan approval is easy. You just need to carefully go through a few steps and you’ll be good to go. Online banking processes have had a significant say in how loans function in the current world. 

Nowadays, the process has been made even easier with online methods of loan application coming up every day. Several fintech developers – like EarlySalary – have put their efforts into creating platforms where you can compare and contrast various personal loan deals along in a few simple and easy steps. Fintech companies work closely with their respective partner banks to ensure top deals and discounts, attractive offers, and low-interest rates curated for you. 

personal loan, aadhar card loan, financial wellness

How to apply for Personal Loans with an Aadhar Card?

You can apply for personal loans during emergencies and otherwise using a few simple steps. Here’s what you would need to do-

  • Download the EarlySalary app.
  • Fill in your application for a personal loan. Enter the required personal details and specify your loan requirement. Your Aadhaar card details will be required here.
  • Submit the application upon its successful completion. 
  • Once your details get verified, your personal loan will get approved within minutes and the stipulated amount will be credited straight to your bank account.
personal loan, aadhar card loan, financial wellness

The process is relatively easy and cost-effective. It saves time and effort while delivering what it promises. Taking personal loans using your Aadhar Card is a wise choice in today’s world where everything is making a shift towards digitalization, and Aadhar Card has been deemed as highly important by the Indian Government.

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