An Intimate ThankYou: EarlySalary’s #ThanksAMillion (Handshake) Campaign, By The Numbers

Compiled By: Sudesh ShettyAbout Sudesh: He is the Founding Member and Head of Marketing at EarlySalary. Backed by over 10 years of experience in digital advertising and marketing, Sudesh has driven EarlySalary with innovative and excellent marketing strategies that boost brand awareness, profitability and growth. We at EarlySalary, recently achieved a milestone befitting our title […]

All about investing in shares

Shares share an important space in the different media of investment such as bonds, cash and property. Let’s start by defining shares. Shares are basically miniature snippets of a company. By owning a share, you own a tiny segment of the company, and also a proportion of the company’s value Research shows that shares have […]