Best Smartphones Under Rs 15,000 To Buy in September 2021

Highlight: There has been a rampage going on in the new budget smartphone releases and this list is designed to help make your decision in buying your dream smartphone. Smartphones under Rs 15,000 in India are turning out to be the most competitive price range for smartphone companies like Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, Vivo, Motorola, Oppo, […]

Financial Wellness in India and the Technologies Aiding It

There’s no stress like financial stress. Money plays a very important role in our lives and not having enough money could disrupt our health, both physical and mental. Not to forget the impact it would have on the performance at the workplace. In the light of increased workload and pressure, employers are now taking the […]

5 Reasons A Salary Advance Is All We Need

For a lot of students fresh out of college plunging straight into the work environment, it can be understandably difficult to keep up with all the added expenses. Employees often find themselves either borrowing money from home or living a very frugal lifestyle towards the end of the month. This isn’t very uncommon – setting […]

Millennials Earn Less, Spend More on Themselves During the Holiday Season

Muskan, a 25-year-old photographer, has just ventured into this professional field. Her education field was psychology. But by the end of her masters, she decided to do away with it, and make a career in photography. At 25, where most millennials start earning and supporting their family, Muskan is still living off of her parents’ […]

10 Investment Mistakes Couples Make

Investments are a very important part of retirement planning. This is also a very tense area that needs to be covered by couples. There are several studies conducted that show that bad investment planning is the reason for stress between many couples. For many, investment is just a monthly expense and they don’t feel the […]

Give your Financial Goals an Early Start!

Getting your very first job is one of the most significant turning points of your life. You start making money, you start believing your dreams can finally come true. That’s wonderful! But are dreams enough? Hardly! When you fail to plan your goals, you plan to fail your goals. Confused? Ask yourself how much money you […]

Rise of Online Loan Lending Platforms

With the evolution in the field of information technology, the lifestyle of people started changing gradually. It started showing its effect on various sectors and one of them is banking and finance sector. Before the evolution, the process of completing a financial transaction was tough and physical presence of both person (borrower and lender) was […]

Ways to Repay Loan Early

We encounter many situations wherein we have to rely on loans. And where there is a loan there is a debt that follows. We often become perplexed and overwhelmed after seeing the debt pile. This is often due to mismanagement. All that is required is a sense of systematic financial arrangement that will allow you […]

Setting Personal Budgets

In our lives today, it seems that we are constantly in our running shoes, because all we do is race to fulfilling our duties, necessities and obligations. Expenses are never-ending. How we wished that we could count the expenses on our fingers, but unfortunately we cannot. It has become extremely necessary to have a budget […]

Unsecured Loans Versus Secured Loans

One of the most common questions that we ask ourselves is “What kind of loan do I opt for?” We take baby steps towards Loans. Loans are like those tricky questions in our exams, where we have to meditate hard to make the right choice. Deciding upon which loans to take depends upon numerous parameters […]