EarlySalary Raises Series D Funding of $110 Million led by TPG’s The Rise Fund & Norwest Venture Partners

Highlights: Expands cash loans business to over 150 cities Adds multiple senior leadership positions over the last 6 months Aims to deepen the financial ecosystem for young and aspirational Indians through its platform Pune, India, 29th August 2022: India’s largest consumer lending fintech, EarlySalary, has closed its series D funding round of $110 million led […]

EarlySalary announces CarES campaign in its fight against COVID-19

Times are extremely tough now, especially with the worldwide turmoil created by the Covid-19 pandemic. EarlySalary hopes that you and your loved ones are healthy, safe, and taking precautions. We are well aware of the problems our team members, friends, and family are facing and we deeply care about the impact the pandemic has caused […]

#AasaanOverEhsaan: Introducing The EarlySalary Referral Program

“The more we share, the more we have.” We’re putting this quote by Leonard Nemoy into action, as we present EarlySalary’s lucrative and attractive Referral Program – now available for our current as well as new users.  EarlySalary, if you’re familiar with us, is one of the most innovative lending platforms in India, established with […]

Indians, it’s time we considered a credit suite

In the recent past, the way we deal with finances has gone under major overhauling, especially in India. A considerable portion of that can be attributed to the continuous change in the FinTech sector specifically. Be it the increasing popularity of NBFCs, virtual banking, or new and innovative financial services being available remotely with next […]

Customer Reviews: A Closer Look At The EarlySalary Experience

At EarlySalary, we’ve always focused on meeting our customer’s financial needs – no matter what they might be. We’ve always put the customers first and will continue to do so. This has involved striving to provide easy, hassle-free, low interest, instant salary credit, and on that front, we’re proud to have successfully disbursed over a […]

YES Bank Aftermath: How Safe Is Your Bank?

With the recent controversies surrounding Yes Bank, and the Government of India stepping in and placing the bank under the moratorium, many of us are understandably wondering if our banks are indeed safe. The depositors of Yes Bank have been subjected to a maximum withdrawal limit of INR 50,000 (till 6th of April 2020). This […]

Financial Wellness in India and the Technologies Aiding It

There’s no stress like financial stress. Money plays a very important role in our lives and not having enough money could disrupt our health, both physical and mental. Not to forget the impact it would have on the performance at the workplace. In the light of increased workload and pressure, employers are now taking the […]

All about investing in shares

Shares share an important space in the different media of investment such as bonds, cash and property. Let’s start by defining shares. Shares are basically miniature snippets of a company. By owning a share, you own a tiny segment of the company, and also a proportion of the company’s value Research shows that shares have […]