Are Personal Loans Tax Deductible In India?

Quick personal loans are common these days. With instant personal loan platforms available today, this trend is gaining momentum every day. Personal loans are unsecured and can be availed of easily. This is why a larger number of borrowers find themselves going for these loans to procure funds for their personal needs. These requirements may […]

Steps to get your bank account statement

A bank statement, also known as an account statement, is a bank-issued document that details the actions in a depositor’s savings or current account over the course of a given time and allows account holders to keep track of their transactions and accounts regularly.  Bank statements are required as a mandatory document when applying for […]

The Importance Of EMI Calculator For Getting A Personal Loan

Highlight: Using an EMI calculator is essential before a potential borrower takes out a personal loan. Personal loans are even more accessible now on Early Salary! A personal loan is a credit instrument that has recently gained a lot of appeals, as it is an unsecured loan. It means you don’t have to submit or […]

Boost Your Income With 3 Best Investment Plans

Highlight: MFs, PPFs, and fixed deposits are investment options that are good for long-term financial goals, short-term goals, and tax savings. There are a few aspects that go into investment planning that determine how much money you may make, how safe your investments will be, and what rewards you will receive. To begin, think about […]

When Should You Consider Refinancing Your Loan?

The pandemic has caused a stir in the job markets. Many have faced pay cuts, and some even lost their sources of income. These factors have increased personal debt even more, with most professionals struggling to pay off their existing loans. Recently, many financial organizations have lowered the interest rates for their loan products. If […]

Fintech Landscape and Customer Expectations

Highlight: The customer experience and “meet all need” mindset will be pivotal in the coming years for fintech. Digital lending is emerging as a viable alternate for reaching those who have not been able to access financial services in the past. Geographical limitations can be overcome through innovative products, which in turn help in reducing […]

Do You Need Cash In Just 10 mins For An Urgent Expense? Emergency Funds Can Help

Highlight: Those squirreling away for rainy days may be able to sleep a little better at night with the help of Emergency Funds. If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is that you never know when you might need funds. From unexpected medical emergencies to crashing businesses, several unexpected scenarios […]

RBI Has Made e-Wallet Safer For Users. Know-How To Avoid Fraud!

Highlight: Learn how to set up an e-wallet with the help of RBI guidelines for a safer and user-friendly experience. The Reserve Bank of India recently announced its new project linking its two digital systems together to keep up with India’s evolving digitised payment practices. They aim to link the UPI (Unified payment interface) to […]

In India, Which Saving Schemes You Should Invest in?

Highlight: Choosing the right saving schemes in India can help you reach your financial goals in a lot less time and help you grow your savings exponentially. ‘Do not splurge your money. Invest judiciously’ This is that one piece of advice that you will start getting the moment you hit twenty-five. The problem is that […]