Know The Difference Between Credit Lock And Credit Freeze

Who isn’t worried about scammers opening credit card accounts or loans in their names? Especially after the famous data breach at Equifax in 2017, exposing the personal information of 147 million people that garnered worldwide media attention? And when scammers open these accounts, they can run up purchases or open loans in your name and […]

Income Tax Deadlines Approaching: Here’s An Essential Checklist to Maximise Savings

Besides the fact that taxes are often perceived as a financial burden, a lack of awareness about financial planning only adds more to the stress. A majority of taxpayers fail to fit the tax-saving piece into their financial puzzle. Maybe it’s time to teach students taxes when they’re still in school to train them for […]

All You Need to Know About Investing in Mutual Funds- for Beginners

Investments ensure the long-term financial security, which is why investing a portion of your earnings is one of the most important things you can do. Aspiring Indian professionals of today recognize that along with contributing to a financially secure future, investments can also be a steady source of income. Their returns can be channeled into […]

Can we Claim Tax Benefits While Availing a Personal Loan

It is only when we start earning that the fuss about tax saving begins. The very moment we get our paycheque and see the taxed amount, we realize the importance of effective tax planning. While there are many ways to reduce your tax burden, most of us often fail to take advantage of all the […]

Compliance Calendar: Important Tax Dates for 2020 [After Coronavirus Changes]

The global nature of the coronavirus has compelled life as we know it to come to a halt. In the wake of this pandemic, India is no exception. With a majority of commercial and non-commercial activities being put on hold for the last 2 months due to the ongoing national lockdown, almost all aspects of […]

Old vs New Income Tax Slabs Simplified: Which is the Right Choice for You?

As we end this Financial year on a rather unusual note, with health and financial crises all around, we’d still want to be prudent about our taxes. Before Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced the new income tax slab under the Union Budget 2020-21, there was already significant anticipation around it. While the tax rates have, […]

This Gudi Padwa, give your finances a fresh start

In India, there is a prominent connection between the auspiciousness of a festival and managing one’s finances. March end witnesses the closing of balances and accounts in firms and institutions all across India. In comes April, and we ready ourselves to begin anew our financial planning standing at the threshold of the New year as […]

5 Crucial Tax Planning Tips To Maximise Your Savings

These days fantasies (or even simple desires, for some) come at a high price tag. It’s a challenge that many young adults encounter in their mid-20s. Before they get down to optimizing their lives, the twin behavioral forces of denial and indecisiveness drive most people into their 30s. Often this leads to poor investment decisions, […]