Tips To Land On To Your Dream Job In 2021

Highlight: Keep these five tips in mind when looking for your dream job, whether you are a recent graduate or a seasoned professional. Job hunting can be an exciting and interesting experience because it requires planning, decision making, connecting with new people, and impressing potential employers with your education, knowledge, personality, and skills. However, it […]

Alert! Keep Your Account Safe From Online KYC Scam

Highlight: Learn about the recent KYC scams, as well as SBI’s three mantras for keeping your account secure. KYC (Know Your Customer) refers to the process of verifying all customers’ and clients’ identities and addresses by banks, insurance companies, and other institutions before or during transactions with their customers. KYC has been made mandatory by […]

Attention Millennials! Don’t Make These Common Money Mistakes

Highlight: Millennials in the 21st Century find themselves in a confusing phase, with new things popping up every now and then, making you question your every move and decision. Saving money for retirement or not spending lavishly on clothes, Millennials love not to think about the future with their cool abbreviations like FOMO or YOLO. […]

5 Tips For Making The Most Of Your First Salary

Highlight: Become financially independent by managing your first salary! Learn healthy saving habits and stock your nest egg. Getting your first salary can be almost an intoxicating feeling. All you’d want to do is to splurge and spend on things you have wanted to—with your own hard-earned money. Once the euphoria starts to wear off, […]

Ready To Make An Investment? Things To Keep In Mind

Highlight: Are you planning on making an investment to secure your future? Before you begin investing, it is critical to consider a few factors such as investment objectives, risks involved, investment strategies, and so on. Learn how to invest while keeping all of this in mind Investing your money may be (or rather, is) the […]

What should our Global Economy: What Is Expected In 2022?

The COVID-19 viral pandemic remains a very personal, individual experience and an unparalleled internationally shared event with far-reaching consequences. The economic impact is already visible as the health, and human toll rises, and it constitutes the world’s greatest economic shock in decades. According to estimates, the virus lowered global economic growth in 2020 to an […]

How you can use Public Provident Fund for better financial planning

Highlight: Worried about long-term financial planning? Investing in a public provident fund (PPF) can be a good investment option with many benefits. Learn how you can invest in PPF for better financial planning. The reality of inflation has everyone thinking about investing their savings for long-term financial planning. In these times of uncertainty, investing in […]

What is in-hand salary, and how is it different from CTC?

When you hear the term salary, what is the first thing that springs to mind? Consider yourself a newcomer to the workforce who is about to begin their first job. You finally get that ideal job with a high salary after putting in so much work to prepare for that faultless interview. You’ve arrived at […]

Debt Consolidation With Instant Loans

With the growth in popularity of fintech and eCommerce, lifestyle upgrades have become accessible to almost everyone. With instant online loans, credit cards, and other debts to help manage the cash flow, people are now able to afford cars, homes, electronics, vacations, or even skill upgrades they previously wouldn’t have had access to.  However, for […]

Everything you need to know about Personal Loan EMI Calculator

An online personal loan EMI calculator serves very obvious functions – making it easier for you to plan out your monthly loan installments. The equated monthly installment, after all, is a critical number, determined by your loan amount and your loan tenure. It’s with this perspective that EarlySalary’s personal loan EMI calculator was designed, with […]