Financial Wellness Isn’t Just A Buzzword Anymore. What Is It?

Financial well-being is a topic that has already been buzzing in the minds of most corporate stakeholders on the planet. The term ’financial wellness’ has grown extremely popular. Although, there’s a persistent issue that, despite being demonstrated to be beneficial to both businesses and employees, it is difficult to describe and implement. So, how do […]

Employees Financial Wellness Mean During Times Of Economic Volatility?

Jobs, offices, and businesses are opening around the world after a year and a half. With the pandemic (hopefully) fading into the background, companies are starting to operate working from offices and resume hiring with 100% capacity. However, the effects of the pandemic involved a substantial hit on not just the medical vulnerability of the […]

5 HRM Books Every HR Should Read To Ensure Financial Wellness To Employees

Financial wellness is not a destination that we can arrive at without much worry, but rather a journey that we must undertake and make a way of life. But how can we be sure of this? Financial wellness is a term that refers to a person’s overall financial health and is one of many factors […]

Employers: Learn The Art of Financial Wellness

A recent survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling found that only 5 percent of people struggling with debt reported having a job. In comparison, 89 percent said they were unemployed or had a part-time job. This is not surprising, according to business, finance, and banking experts. Essentially, employers are abandoning their employees financially […]

Financial Wellness: Why Should You Care About It?

Like physical wellness, financial wellness should occupy a central place in our list of life goals. Unlike physical wellness though, it is often ignored or taken casually by people. According to research, with 69% of workers being stressed about their finances and 72% worrying about their finances at work, it’s not hard to see why […]

The Right Cover for the Wrong Time

India is experiencing a second phase of Covid-19, with over 300,000 Coronavirus outbreaks and over 3,000 deaths every day. Patients’ families are begging for support as the area suffers from a severe lack of oxygen. Exhausted medical staff are on the verge of collapsing. As the number of serious Covid-19 cases in India continues to […]

Here’s How To Get Started on a Financial Wellness Program

Financial wellness has become one of the top concerns for employers and employees alike, throughout the world. The increased sensitivity of several organisations towards their employee’s financial wellness is extremely visible from the Bank of America Report, titled “ 2020 workplace benefits report”. In the said report, it was recorded that as many as 62 […]

How To Take Care Of Your Women Employee In your workplace

While our country advances and the GDP of the country is on a steady rise ever since 1991, the participation of women in the workforce has been seeing a declining trend. From the year 2004- 2005 where it was 42.7 percent, it has fallen to a mere 23.3 percent in 2017 to 2018. According to […]

Signs Indicating The Need For Financial Health Checkup

Financial planning can be a tricky business. Managing finances is not really as simple as it seems and sometimes you may hamper your financial health without even realizing.  Your overall financial health comprises several things such as:  Your credit score,  Your investment portfolio,  The liquidity of your assets and  The amount of savings and emergency […]

Financial Habits In Your 20s That can Make You Rich In Your 30s

Whether you are a young graduate, a small business owner or a professional in your 20s, the desire for a good lifestyle is common. However, that lifestyle you aspire cannot be sustained by many unless there is a steady fire hose of regular cash flows. This is why you need sound financial habits that can […]