Financial Wellness Isn’t Just A Buzzword Anymore. What Is It?

Financial well-being is a topic that has already been buzzing in the minds of most corporate stakeholders on the planet. The term ’financial wellness’ has grown extremely popular. Although, there’s a persistent issue that, despite being demonstrated to be beneficial to both businesses and employees, it is difficult to describe and implement. So, how do […]

Employers: Learn The Art of Financial Wellness

A recent survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling found that only 5 percent of people struggling with debt reported having a job. In comparison, 89 percent said they were unemployed or had a part-time job. This is not surprising, according to business, finance, and banking experts. Essentially, employers are abandoning their employees financially […]

Financial Wellness: Why Should You Care About It?

Like physical wellness, financial wellness should occupy a central place in our list of life goals. Unlike physical wellness though, it is often ignored or taken casually by people. According to research, with 69% of workers being stressed about their finances and 72% worrying about their finances at work, it’s not hard to see why […]

How Important is it for HR to Understand Finance?

HR’s passion for employee welfare and finance’s love for financial metrics in an organisation aren’t two distinct functions operating in different universes. The two departments co-exist and function together along with sales, production, marketing and other departments. While HR is tasked with hiring and training the production force, it requires digesting quite a lot of […]

HR and Finance: Working Better Together

The conventional function of HR, being people-centric, makes it more of a front-office function juggling with minds and ideas. While separated from HR, Finance controls the figures and numbers at the back-office end. This divorce between two essential functions in an organisation slows down processes impacting the business’s ability for growth and adaptation. Peter Spence, […]

The Relationship Between Gender Diversity and Our Bottom Lines

The gender gap has been one of the toughest disparities to bridge over the past couple of years. According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2021, closing the global gender gap has increased by a generation from 99.5 years to 135.6 years, especially now with the effects of Covid-19 in the limelight. […]

What Will Be the Role of the HR in the Post Covid Workspace?

COVID-19 has changed the global outlook and it is difficult to see what we would call normal. While some regions are on their way to recovery, most places are seeing a rise in cases, new waves, and even new epidemics around as a supplement to COVID. Human Resources are a function that is multifaceted by […]

How do You Build Successful Work Teams? A Financial perspective

Financial wellness has recently gained importance to build successful work teams. And for good reason. After all, financial stress harms both the professional and personal lives of your employees, and by extension the organization too. According to a report, financial stress results in a 34% increase in tardiness and absenteeism. Along with being stressed, employees […]

What can HR do to ensure successful retirements?

Retirement isn’t just about employees ending their careers at the respective organization, it’s more than that. The old guard exits the organization while new blood comes in. The vision of retirement involves much more than a simple goodbye. Many teams look exclusively at the financial aspects though, but this pandemic has taught everyone that efforts […]

Here’s How To Get Started on a Financial Wellness Program

Financial wellness has become one of the top concerns for employers and employees alike, throughout the world. The increased sensitivity of several organisations towards their employee’s financial wellness is extremely visible from the Bank of America Report, titled “ 2020 workplace benefits report”. In the said report, it was recorded that as many as 62 […]