Return to Work Perks Offered by Employers

Highlight: Apart from financial safety, the thing that job seekers nowadays consider is employee benefits. Providing these benefits plans might help the organisation attract great talents. Read to find some awesome perks a company can offer its employees to bring them back to offices after lockdown, and how EarlySalary can help. Employees are, no doubt, […]

How To Engage Employees At Workplace?

Highlight: Engaged workforce can work 10x better than a skilled but demotivated workforce. The managers need to organise certain activities to engage employees and make them feel responsible for their work The key to running a successful organisation is employee engagement. If you, as an HR, can understand the level of passion and dedication an […]

Start Offering Financial Wellness Program To Your Employees

Highlight: Get to know the top 7 reasons your employees need a financial wellness program. Read till the end why a financial wellness program can improve your business. 59% of employees report being satisfied with their employers when they receive access to some sort of financial wellness program from them, according to a Prudential report.  […]

Alert! Omicron Variant: Time To Revisit Strategies For A Safe Workplace

Highlight: With an increase in the cases of COVID-19 Omicron Variant, it is ideal to revisit strategies for a safe workplace ahead of the fear of another wave of the pandemic. The WHO has reported a new potentially dangerous COVID variant called Omicron. Also known as B.1.1.529, its first case was detected in southern Africa […]

Culture Or Compensation? What Matters More In Your Workspace?

Highlight: While compensation outshines all other motivating factors for a prospective employee, it is not the ultimate factor. The culture of the company is a necessary preservative for thriving recruits. “The top predictor of workplace satisfaction is not pay: It is the culture and values of the organization, followed closely by the quality of senior […]

How HR Can Assess Financial Safety Of Employees In The New Year

Highlight: Financial Safety and policies related to the protection of the financial interests of the employees are an important duty of the human resources team. A thriving company is born of happy and stable employees. Achieving these goals is crucial in the wake of the pandemic. A healthy person with a sustainable income has the […]

How HR Can Support Environmental Sustainability?

Highlight: Highlight: Human resource management is crucial in assisting the organization in increasing its effectiveness, managing corporate governance and ethical concerns beyond financial performance. With changing times, investment in environmental sustainability can change the map of the company’s growth. Do you know by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish? According […]

Employees Unhappy With Their Benefits Packages? Time To Modernize

Highlight: The global shift in working patterns has propelled organizations to rethink their employee benefits packages. As we approach 2022, businesses must revamp their policies according to the changing lifestyles of the workers. Employee Benefits Packages are the additional perks given to employees, in addition to their salaries, by organizations to improve employee retention, engagement, […]

Employee Attrition In The Workplace? Tips To Control

Highlight:  Employee attrition in companies arises from various factors. Although unavoidable, it can be controlled by employing some effective measures. As per a survey, about one-third of the newly hired employees go on a job hunt after just six months of employment. Very few people stick with their first companies till the very end. While […]

Income vs Expenses: The Key to Employee Happiness

Highlight: Employee wellbeing is the direct consequence of a balance between sufficient income and affordable expenses. We’ve often come across the saying, “Money can’t buy happiness.” Although true in certain aspects of life, access to material things can give a temporary rush of joy, if not a prolonged sense of fulfillment. With changing standards of […]