Continued Role Of HR In Health And Wellbeing

Highlight: Learn how HR executives and companies may improve employee mental health and well-being, as well as why these issues have become significant priorities since the pandemic began. We’ve known for over a year that this pandemic has had an impact on mental health and well-being. It’s all over the news, and many papers have […]

Work Culture Boosts Productivity And Health. Here’s How

Highlight: A productive work culture is essential. Discover how investing in a positive and productive work culture increases productivity and health. The work culture of a company is essentially its overall personality. It’s a collection of intangible elements that come together to create an environment where people can work to the best of their abilities […]

The Real Philosophy Of “Wellbeing”

Highlight: Learn about the importance of workplace wellbeing, how HR can help with it and, how the pandemic demonstrated just how important it is. Recognizing employees as human beings and genuinely caring about their wellbeing is a fundamental tenet of any HR strategy. And it’s the one lesson that’s more clear than ever about the […]

Fix the Problem of Employee Burnout for your Remote Workers

Highlight: Employee burnout has been a major issue and has elevated during the pandemic. Here is how employers can fix the problem of employee burnout. Employee burnout or job burnout is a psychological process. One that happens due to prolonged stress or excessive workload. Unsurprisingly, it leads to physical and emotional exhaustion.  Employers need to […]

Workers Now In Search Of Better Jobs And Better Life

Highlight:  Read about how the Covid-19 pandemic has caused people to reconsider their work lives, resulting in workers looking for better jobs in order to live a better life. In 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic disrupted global labor markets. Millions of people were furloughed or lost their jobs in the short term, and others quickly adjusted […]

Understanding Employee Engagement: The Psychology at Work

Highlight: Employee engagement is defined as “an individual employee’s cognitive, emotional, and behavioral state directed toward desirable organisational objectives.” Employee performance is a crucial component of total organisational performance in high-performing organisations; thus, it must be managed. Employee engagement is one of the most important factors in promoting high levels of employee performance. HR departments […]

10 Things That Will Amplify Employee Loyalty

Highlight:  Here is a list of 10 simple yet effective steps you can take which can amplify employee loyalty and take your organisation forward. Why is employee loyalty important?  A loyal and dedicated workforce is any companies’ greatest asset. HR professionals well recognise the criticality of not only hiring the right kind of talent but […]

Support Your Female Team Members After COVID -19

We have all heard and unfortunately, even seen that women often face gender discrimination at work. Many women feel that their gender can be a barrier to their career progression. In a world where everyone is competing for success, it is important that we support our female team members in the workplace. And after a […]

Financial Wellness Programs To Help Employees in The Wake of Pandemic

Most of today’s workspaces have millennials dominating the floors. As the demographic makes its presence felt across industries, sectors, and all facets of our culture, there’s no denying that millennials are savvy, hard-working, and have a consistent understanding of the changing trends of the world. Simultaneously though, surveys have shown that millennials are the worst […]

How Pandemic Has Helped Employees Manage Their Financial Health

COVID19 may have put a strain on employees’ finances, but it has certainly helped in several other ways. Everyone has learnt a lot – from the importance of being present with family and supporting them in times of need to become more financially savvy. Professionals worldwide were tested by the COVID-19 pandemic, forcing them to […]