Improving Organisational Culture: 5 Tips

Keeping up with a modern workforce dominated by a generation of millennials is all about embracing the impetus for change in the traditional ways of work structures and employment patterns. To attract and retain critical talent, organisations need to go beyond focusing on their teams in the context of measurable and attainable goals. Sure, metrics, […]

5 Ideas To Help Reduce Your Expenses

Whether you’re the little kid thinking about their pocket money, or working professional, saving money is a common goal all of us aspire for. But it’s easier said than done, of course. We have a myriad of expenses that simply can’t be ignored – be it rent, food or commuting. Then there are the occasional […]

Don’t let your organization miss the mark of pay equity

While pay equity as a concept is fairly old, its context has continued to evolve with time. Originally leveraged as a tool to combat the adverse impact of unequal pay between people of varying social classes and backgrounds, it is now the de facto term to address gender pay disparity. India has had a good […]

Employee Experience: Why It’s Critical

Organisations are constantly brimming with different groups of people. These may be their customers, the suppliers, or their trading partners. They often keep into account how their experience has been while associating with their organisation, say the customer experience. Companies take particular care about it and devise various strategies to keep them satisfied and engaged.  […]

Working with a Multigenerational Workforce in 2019

By: Srihari.S About the Author: He Heads the Talent Management and Digital HR practice for a medical technology Company and is currently the Director Human Resources with over 15+ years of Industry experience. Mention organisational restructuring in a hallway, and you’ll likely receive an eye-roll. Seasoned employees may say that they know the drill as […]

Why Finance & HR Must Work Closely Together

By: S.K Dutt, Group CHRO – Ampersand GroupSenior HR professional & Post Graduate Alumnus of University of Oxford – Said Business School Both Finance and HR professionals share one common goal –  achieving higher level of performance and profitability. While CFOs are responsible for allocating resources required to deliver the company’s strategy, CHROs’ responsibilities include […]

How Can HR help Overcome Staffing Challenges in the Digital Age?

The advent of technology has brought about an infinite number of advantages for employees and companies across industries. However, with the hike in job reduction due to digital transformation efforts, new staffing solutions are becoming essential to ensure tech does not replace manpower, and instead enhances it. A domain with perhaps the most important role […]

Employee Financial Welfare and Performance: A Deeper Look into The Relationship

By Aamir Devra Compensation & Benefits, KPIT The relationship between an employer and an employee is arguably the most complex one of all. At first glance, it can seem fairly standard, in the sense that it is one based on mutual benefit. On a closer look, however, we come across a plethora of factors that […]

5 Compensation Trends HR Leaders should know

Compensation is the key link between employees and organizations, vital to attracting and retaining the best talent. Of course, it refers to the general return that the employee gets for their work; but to keep employees satisfied, organizations often need to do more than just offer basic pay.  Compensation management is complex – you have […]

What are Employees looking for from HR in 2019?

“Train people well enough so they can leave. Treat them well enough so they don’t have to.” These words by Sir Richard Branson, the famous entrepreneur and founder of Virgin Airlines, sum up the entire struggle (along with the solution) for the core problem faced by a Human Resource Manager. It also paves the way […]