Looking for consumer credit options in this economy? Here is how to do it.

Compiled By : Vimal Saboo, Chief Business Officer at EarlySalary About Vimal: He is a Chartered Accountant and comes with an experience of 22 years in banking and credit domain. In his current role at Earlysalary, he focuses on building the Credit Risk Profiling system and spearhead Credit Risk, Analytics, Collection & Operations. Retail consumer […]

Five Years of EarlySalary: From MVP to a Much Loved Product

Five years ago, on the 23rd of Feb, we pushed out EarlySalary MVP with a belief that it would be a stepping stone for building a credit ecosystem that would power and upgrade our customers’ lives in a meaningful, tangible way. We were a small team that worked around the clock, spent sleepless nights fueling […]

EarlySalary’s SkillUp Fest: EdTech, Accelerated

If there’s one thing that’s as exciting as the fintech sector, it’s probably EdTech. The Edtech industry has been disrupting the traditional and diverse world of education, changing the way learners and instructors interact. Several enterprises are already relying on EdTech in some form or the other, and the popularity of this industry is only […]

A Salary Advance, Now On A Card: Introducing The SalaryCard

The fintech sector has come along in the last half a decade. And so have our aspirations. Those of us fresh into our careers back then have evolved from young professionals building our lives, to aspirational individuals propelled by our own ambitions. In this period, EarlySalary is proud to have been a true partner – […]

Alternative Data Is Now Mainstream in Credit Risk Analysis

Over the years, an individual’s or even an organization’s creditworthiness has come to be defined by their credit score. A loanee’s traditional data (e.g. credit history, types of credit, credit utilization, etc.) is usually the only factor considered by credit scoring systems to evaluate their creditworthiness. The problem with this system is that a significant […]

EarlySalary Just Turned 5. #OneSmallStep for us, one giant leap for the Indian Credit Ecosystem

Since its inception five years ago, EarlySalary has enabled rapid, simplified credit access to millions of young working professionals. Be it assisting someone adjusting to a new town or helping them upgrade their skills. As Mr. Akshay Mehrotra, CEO and Co-Founder at EarlySalary puts it, “over the past 5 years, we have built one of […]

Reboot 2020, With EarlySalary

Compiled By: Sudesh ShettyAbout Sudesh: He is the Founding Member and Head of Marketing at EarlySalary. Backed by over 10 years of experience in digital advertising and marketing, Sudesh has driven EarlySalary with innovative and excellent marketing strategies that boost brand awareness, profitability, and growth. Hasn’t the pandemic lasted way too long already? It not […]

A Closer Look At The Tech Behind Instant Personal Loans for India

Compiled By: Anil SinhaAbout Anil: He is the Head of Engineering at EarlySalary, with over 15 years of experience, Anil is passionate about technology and has strong Leadership skills driven by core human values. He has worked on various techno-functional leadership roles with hands-on code and delivered complex products in the space of distributed data processing, especially […]

The Convergence of Machine Learning and Big Data In Credit Risk Management

Compiled By: Balakrishnan NarayananAbout Bala: He is the head of analytics at EarlySalary, with over 15 years of extensive experience within the banking and finance industry. At EarlySalary he is responsible for building machine learning and analytical capabilities within the risk, marketing, and customer analytics. For Bala’s passion for solving complex business problems, in 2019, he got […]