I have a Credit Card, Should I Apply For The EarlySalary Salary Card?

With the entire world rushing full speed towards digitisation, all parts of the economy have been revolutionised and the banking sector is not untouched by this either. With the growth in the fintech sector, access to credit has increasingly become easier for everyone. One of the major changes in the recent past with regards to […]

Getting New Joinees To A Good Financial Start: The How-To Guide

With millennials’ increasing dependence on credit options in order to live their life, financial education is more critical than ever. While financial literacy has of course, a directly positive impact on employees, it also benefits employers is more ways than you may imagine. Strong financial education and better financial management skills result in employees less […]

Rise of Online Loan Lending Platforms

With the evolution in the field of information technology, the lifestyle of people started changing gradually. It started showing its effect on various sectors and one of them is banking and finance sector. Before the evolution, the process of completing a financial transaction was tough and physical presence of both person (borrower and lender) was […]