How Debt To Income Ratio Is Related To Your Personal Loan?

Highlight: With the growing popularity of personal loans, it’s important to know how your debt to income ratio affects your personal loans. Personal Loans are being used by an increasing number of people to cover greater costs. One of the factors for the surge in popularity of Personal Loans is that they are unsecured loans […]

Do You Need Cash In Just 10 mins For An Urgent Expense? Emergency Funds Can Help

Highlight: Those squirreling away for rainy days may be able to sleep a little better at night with the help of Emergency Funds. If there is one thing that the pandemic has taught us, it is that you never know when you might need funds. From unexpected medical emergencies to crashing businesses, several unexpected scenarios […]

Which Loan Should I Pay First With My Bonuses?

Highlight: Spending and investing is real fun but using the amount to repay debts with your bonus, is double the fun. But if you need more money after spending your appraisal or performance bonus, EarlySalary is here to take care of it. Diwali season is here, and so is the customary Diwali bonus.  Every year, […]

In India, Which Saving Schemes You Should Invest in?

Highlight: Choosing the right saving schemes in India can help you reach your financial goals in a lot less time and help you grow your savings exponentially. ‘Do not splurge your money. Invest judiciously’ This is that one piece of advice that you will start getting the moment you hit twenty-five. The problem is that […]

Attention Millennials! Don’t Make These Common Money Mistakes

Highlight: Millennials in the 21st Century find themselves in a confusing phase, with new things popping up every now and then, making you question your every move and decision. Saving money for retirement or not spending lavishly on clothes, Millennials love not to think about the future with their cool abbreviations like FOMO or YOLO. […]

How you can use Public Provident Fund for better financial planning

Highlight: Worried about long-term financial planning? Investing in a public provident fund (PPF) can be a good investment option with many benefits. Learn how you can invest in PPF for better financial planning. The reality of inflation has everyone thinking about investing their savings for long-term financial planning. In these times of uncertainty, investing in […]

Choosing Your Financial Independence This Independence Day

Financial independence can be defined as having enough money to live a comfortable life without working. Financial independence can, in fact, mean different things to different people. Financial independence secures your future and allows you to pursue your passion. It is the ability to make life decisions without being constrained by financial constraints. Financial independence […]

Personal loans For Working Women In Few Steps: Here’s How

For the longest time in India, the typical stereotype has been that women are subjugated to household work and are not allowed to work. Over the past few years, the scenario regarding gender fairness has certainly evolved. Governments have taken initiatives to improve the conditions of women in the country. Even then, some consider women […]

Best Personal Finance Influencers You Should Follow in 2021

We all have learned a few tips and tricks from our parents to manage our money, haven’t we? In addition, most of us have taken advice and inspiration from people who’ve touched our lives. In a world filled with social media content, where we continue to observe and learn from people on our feeds, why […]

Money & Happiness: The Perfect Relationship

Ever asked friends and family the sutra to be happy? Relationships, values and other non-material things must have surely made it to that list. Plus, they would have also said that money can’t buy happiness. Guess what, a recent study shows that money can indeed make you happy. Yes, a study by Mathew Killingsworth corroborated […]