SBI Personal Loan Vs EarlySalary Loan: Which One Is Right For You?

When it comes to personal loans, instant approval is a characteristic no customer would decline. In fact, such a feature is prioritized. Fortunately, competitive credit markets give us plenty of choices. Based on your needs and requirements as a borrower, you can choose from a plethora of options available with banking institutions. SBI has several […]

The Millennial Way of Splurging on Experiences – Made Possible With Personal Loans

Millennials rate experiences above all else. The world may have inclined towards materialistic possessions thus far, but for this demographic, all that is trumped by the real experiences that stay forever. After all, those are the moments to be lived for.  Experiences are what makes someone who they are. Nothing can be taken into the […]

Is It Safe to Share Bank Details to Get a Loan?

How do you know for sure sharing your bank details with a loaning company is safe? You find out their reasons for asking for your personal information, and make sure the institute you are giving access to your account can be trusted by asking them questions regarding the safety of said information. Most of us […]

6 Expenses You Can Easily Finance With An *Instant Personal Loan*

Instant personal loan apps are re-sculpting the pillars on which the loan industry stood. One of the necessary commodities to thrive in any era is money. In a fast-paced time like today, where time is money, these loan apps are literally saving you opportunity costs by offering personal loans at quick speeds. Now a question […]

Unsecured Loans Are Surging in Popularity. Here’s Why

If you have been following financial news anytime in the past couple of years, it is pretty evident that unsecured loans are gaining back some of the popularity they used to have in the yesteryears. The case used to be that the unsecured loans of those times lured people with low incomes to apply for […]

How financially prepared are you to face the coronavirus?

Compiled By: Ashish Goyal About Ashish: He is the Co-founder and Chief Financial Officer at EarlySalary. He oversees the overall strategic direction of the company and focuses on enhancing the brand’s market position. Ashish also focuses on building the funding profile of the company. Backed by over 18 years of experience in the global financial […]

Desire a steep price tag item? How to smartly tackle your shopping wish list.

With seasonal sales always on the horizon and e-commerce giants often announcing festive season best-ever sales on their websites, ‘Not Shopping’ is hardly an option for the consumer (or even the utilitarian). The internet is constantly flooded with coverage of online sales on Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, and many more. Anything and everything you need to […]

A warning on getting too friendly with CREDIT CARDS

A warning on getting too friendly with credit cards would find itself in nearly all financial advice. And with good reason – considering the high interest rates and late payment penalties many cards can have. The dangers of running yourself into a credit rut, with considerably more debt than you have the capacity to repay […]

How To Deal With “Lend Me” Friends

Mario Puzo once said that friendship and money are like oil and water. This can sound like an unusual take, and would certainly not be true in all cases, but having ‘lend me’ friends can have disastrous consequences. These may range from never seeing your friend again and burning relationships, or never getting your money […]