This Literacy Day Learn Financial Literacy With Top 5 Financial Literacy Books

Highlight: Being financially literate is not easy, but once mastered, it can significantly reduce life’s burdens. To get started in this field, read the best-selling financial literacy books. Financial literacy is obviously a critical life skill. After all, it’s your gateway to knowledge and skills to effectively manage your money. In its absence, your actions […]

Let’s Pledge For Safety Against Covid-19

You must’ve heard it before; prevention is better than cure. And prevention is especially needed for our fight against Covid-19. When the second wave hit this year, many states in India suffered tremendously and still are. India’s healthcare system has tried tirelessly to save lives; however, India dealt with the shortage of oxygen and the […]

This Father’s Day, Be Your Dad’s Financial Hero

Dad, Papa, Padre, Baba, Pére: there are hundreds of words we call one of the most influential people in our lives. Fatherhood and paternal bonds are honored on the third Sunday of every June. This year, we will celebrate Father’s day on the 20th of June. Parents are the pillars used for development in our […]

Save Environment With Paperless Online Loan from EarlySalary

The importance of environmental protection and conservation cannot be emphasized enough, particularly in today’s society, where individuals and organisations alike are more concerned with chasing profits than anything else. However, public awareness of numerous environmental challenges has recently increased, and it is in this spirit that we commemorate days such as World Environment Day, Earth […]

Covid-19: Fight for Your Claim

As India battles the second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, questions about health insurance coverage for care have naturally risen. Many of these questions are about particular protocols that must be followed in the circumstance when insured individuals look forward to filing a claim with their insurers for the cost of hospitalisation and treatment for […]

Let’s Make Our Finance Full of Colors

Excited to welcome spring and celebrate Holi, most colorful festival of the year? The festival not just reiterates the happiness of being together and embracing each other irrespective of our differences, but also reminds us to get over the evil. This year, you can make Holi more colorful and merry with your financial portfolio. As the […]

Transcend Boundaries, Straighten Finance: #YouGotThePower

From juggling household errands and office chores, from being a daughter to a sister to a wife to being a mama, she goes around heroically vanquishing every barrier in her path.  This Women’s Day, as we commence our campaign to applaud “her”, we urge you to join hands with us, to empower, exemplify, educate and […]

Salary Card or Credit Card: What Should You Choose?

As we all try to pave our way amid our daily chaos, financial decision-making becomes increasingly complex. Of course, one such dilemma is choosing between the variety of credit cards that are available. While some offer a higher spending limit, others pack in attractive offers. Confused much?  We, at EarlySalary, understood this and were itching […]