Practice Self-care When Stressed On Budget

Mental health is gaining momentum and is being talked about extensively, thanks to social media and other platforms that provide a suitable space for such discussions. Stress and work tension are two of the most common problems which have negative long-term effects on our bodies. These include sleep problems, constant fatigue, and overall health deterioration. […]

What Does It Take To Build A Revolutionary New Financial Product For Everyone?

The IDC report stated a very interesting possibility of digital payments overtaking cash by 2022 in India. All of us are well aware of the fact that the young Indian population is tech-savvy and is ready to embrace fintech like never before. The fintech scene has witnessed a digital and consumer revolution in post-pandemic India […]

What Makes EarlySalary One Of The Most Preferred Loan Lenders in India?

We all experience a financial crunch when our monthly expenses go over the limit. Instant loan applications are the ideal solution to save you from those inconvenient cash crunches. Since there is no need for physical documentation or even to meet in person to get your loan, it takes less time for the loan approval, […]

Simplify Your Loan Life: With the EarlySalary Credit Suite

At EarlySalary, we were beyond excited to announce the introduction of EarlySalary Credit Suite, a one stop credit solution for all. After all, our Credit Suite is packed with Instant Loans, Personal Loans, a Free Credit Score check, and an all new ‘Salary Card’. For EarlySalary, this was a logical evolution of all that we have […]

Build A Positive Credit Score With Good Credit Habits

Humans are creatures of habits, and it is these very habits that have the potential to build a positive credit score. Early in our lives, lessons from our family and their experiences shape different aspects of our lives, including our financial habits – such as spending and borrowing. However, building a positive credit profile is […]

Today’s Youth – Broke Millennials or Smart Borrowers?

28 year old Sharan would fit check a lot of boxes on the stereotypical millennial checklist. A penchant for eating out from quality food joints, a habit of catching his favorite matches from the neighbourhood sports pub, and a strong desire to flaunt the latest smartphone or take quarterly vacations – Sharan clearly loves to […]

How To Promote Financial Wellness In An Unconventional Workplace

Over the course of my career, I’ve been witness to a rather rapid evolution of workplaces and work cultures. This change has been particularly prominent in its recent stages – with an influx of new-age professionals joining the workforce. As a result – we now experience noticeably different work practices, styles, and cultures.  Of course, […]

5 Signs of A Good HR Function

The HR function is arguably the most critical department of any organization. The consistent struggle to handle the ebb and flow of employee growth and turnover is a domain presided upon by this department, making it the most effective one in an enterprise. HR professionals work in the best interest of both employee and the […]

The Convergence of HR and Technology

By- Lucky Kulkarni, Group Head HR, Jeena & Company Over the years, particularly in recent times, I’ve witnessed Human Resource planning and management undergoing dynamic shifts – from a department within the realms of a conference hall to holding the chief position in leadership circles driving strategic growth. Being an all-pervasive function, it trickles down […]