Add-on Credit Card

Add-on Credit Cards are additional Credit Cards that are issued against a primary Credit Card. They are a form of secondary or supplementary Credit Card. An add-on card, as the prefix suggests, is an extension of the credit card benefits to the immediate family members of the cardholder. The expenses incurred by the add-on benefactors […]

Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

An annual percentage rate is an annual rate that is charged on the loan amount that a person borrows or the rate charged on the money that is earned through an investment. It is different from the interest rate on a loan, in the sense that it also takes into account the fees that you […]

Annualised Returns

What does it mean? Annualised returns are essentially the annual financial gains earned through an investment over a specific period of time. It gives you the average gains earned through the investment for each year of the total investment period. Points to remember Annualised returns and absolute returns are different.  Absolute returns shows you the […]


What does it mean? Any resource with an economic value can be termed as an asset. Assets entail future benefits and thus increase the value of the owner.  Owners use assets in various ways. They are used to reduce expenses, facilitate cash flow generation or sales improvement. Assets must be logged in the balance sheet. […]