We can reasonably proclaim that the battle against COVID-19 has been unpleasant for everyone, and has made life extremely challenging with all the precautionary measures. All of us are eagerly waiting for the battle to be finally over, and for life to get back to normal. But often, the way things seem, we do realize this battle may potentially continue for months more, and maybe even a year. So far, most of us have been taking short-term measures to adapt to life in lockdown, but it may be high time for us to look for some sustainable long term ways to keep ourselves, and our loved ones safe. Here are some of the top tips that we at EarlySalary think would help you and your loved ones remain safe while coping with the stress caused by the battle in the long run.

#1 Ensuring Regular Contact with Friends & Family

Wait, did we read it right? While the whole nation is in lockdown, how do you expect us to meet with our friends? If that’s what you’re thinking, we urge you to, in the words of Apple – Think Different. Contacting your near and dear doesn’t necessarily translate to physically going and meeting them. This isn’t the 90sm remember? Spending all your time at the same place and with the same people can raise tensions fairly quickly. Busting that tension by connecting with different people could relieve a lot of stress, and will replace, though not completely, the feeling of socializing.

#2 Schedule and Ration

This is one of the more obvious and important tips, that any article about life in lockdown can’t go without mentioning. To help minimize the risk of getting infected, it is important to keep track of our groceries and essentials and schedule the trips to the grocery shop, to get the maximum efficiency off each trip. While the first few times, due to perhaps lack of inexperience, maybe less than optimal, with each successive trip you will notice yourself getting better at it. It is advisable to hold off on any extravagant splurges till this whole debacle is put to an end. Rationing your supplies, and restocking them only when it’s necessary, and ensuring minimal trips for shopping (preferably once a week) will be extremely useful.

#3 Hobbies, No Time Like the Present

With the whole nation in lockdown, and with a lot of time to kill, there is quite literally no time like the present to pick up a new hobby or work more on your pre-existing ones.  There are quite a lot of hobbies that you can pick up on, which doesn’t require you to leave your building. Exercise, Yoga, drawing, gaming, singing, Chess and cooking are just some of the many available things for you to do if you are looking for some inspiration. On top of killing some time, hobbies, do have the advantage of helping you destress and relax, which is highly required now, during the Corona crisis. “But, what if we don’t have a lot of time to kill? How can we destress?” It is essential to understand that mental fortitude is extremely important during a crisis, and it is essential that you make enough time for yourself, and pursue your passions.

#4 For Families & Parents

The lockdown may be especially challenging for parents working from home, who would have otherwise been separated from their children (and their spouse) for extended periods of time. Although it doesn’t feel like a vacation (with you having to work from home, and of course, the restrictions imposed currently), we can strive to make as much as possible and spend some quality time with our loved ones, which often, we miss out on, due to constant commute to our jobs. Catching up on our kids’ life and bonding with them, needless to say, will be an enriching experience – for all the parties involved. It is essential that we find the right work-home balance (we need to put some food on the table after all), and with the current forced work from home scenario, it is possible for us to experiment and find the right balance. 

 Life in Lockdown

This does sound like a cliche, as looking for the light at the end of the tunnel is one of the most commonly used morale boosters whenever something bad happens. However, there are some positives that do arise from staying locked up in our houses. Apart from the overall ecological advantages of reduced pollution, life in lockdown has also gifted some well-deserved family time for every single person lucky enough to be with their families. 

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