Life In Lockdown May Be The New Normal. How Will We Deal With It?

We can reasonably proclaim that the battle against COVID-19 has been unpleasant for everyone, and has made life extremely challenging with all the precautionary measures. All of us are eagerly waiting for the battle to be finally over, and for life to get back to normal. But often, the way things seem, we do realize this battle may potentially continue for months more, and maybe even a year. So far, most of us have been taking short-term measures to adapt to life in lockdown, but it may be high time for us to look for some sustainable long term ways to keep ourselves, and our loved ones safe. Here are some of the top tips that we at EarlySalary think would help you and your loved ones remain safe while coping with the stress caused by the battle in the long run.

#1 Ensuring Regular Contact with Friends & Family

Wait, did we read it right? While the whole nation is in lockdown, how do you expect us to meet with our friends? If that’s what you’re thinking, we urge you to, in the words of Apple – Think Different. Contacting your near and dear doesn’t necessarily translate to physically going and meeting them. This isn’t the 90sm remember? Spending all your time at the same place and with the same people can raise tensions fairly quickly. Busting that tension by connecting with different people could relieve a lot of stress, and will replace, though not completely, the feeling of socializing.

#2 Schedule and Ration

This is one of the more obvious and important tips, that any article about life in lockdown can’t go without mentioning. To help minimize the risk of getting infected, it is important to keep track of our groceries and essentials and schedule the trips to the grocery shop, to get the maximum efficiency off each trip. While the first few times, due to perhaps lack of inexperience, maybe less than optimal, with each successive trip you will notice yourself getting better at it. It is advisable to hold off on any extravagant splurges till this whole debacle is put to an end. Rationing your supplies, and restocking them only when it’s necessary, and ensuring minimal trips for shopping (preferably once a week) will be extremely useful.

#3 Hobbies, No Time Like the Present

With the whole nation in lockdown, and with a lot of time to kill, there is quite literally no time like the present to pick up a new hobby or work more on your pre-existing ones.  There are quite a lot of hobbies that you can pick up on, which doesn’t require you to leave your building. Exercise, Yoga, drawing, gaming, singing, Chess and cooking are just some of the many available things for you to do if you are looking for some inspiration. On top of killing some time, hobbies, do have the advantage of helping you destress and relax, which is highly required now, during the Corona crisis. “But, what if we don’t have a lot of time to kill? How can we destress?” It is essential to understand that mental fortitude is extremely important during a crisis, and it is essential that you make enough time for yourself, and pursue your passions.

#4 For Families & Parents

The lockdown may be especially challenging for parents working from home, who would have otherwise been separated from their children (and their spouse) for extended periods of time. Although it doesn’t feel like a vacation (with you having to work from home, and of course, the restrictions imposed currently), we can strive to make as much as possible and spend some quality time with our loved ones, which often, we miss out on, due to constant commute to our jobs. Catching up on our kids’ life and bonding with them, needless to say, will be an enriching experience – for all the parties involved. It is essential that we find the right work-home balance (we need to put some food on the table after all), and with the current forced work from home scenario, it is possible for us to experiment and find the right balance. 

 Life in Lockdown

This does sound like a cliche, as looking for the light at the end of the tunnel is one of the most commonly used morale boosters whenever something bad happens. However, there are some positives that do arise from staying locked up in our houses. Apart from the overall ecological advantages of reduced pollution, life in lockdown has also gifted some well-deserved family time for every single person lucky enough to be with their families. 

We, at EarlySalary, are hoping for a quick end to this seemingly endless struggle versus the Coronavirus. We understand that some of you may be in need of financial assistance, and we are happy to announce that we will continue extending our instant loan services to everyone. In the case of an emergency, or should you find yourself requiring an instant loan, with cheap interest, EarlySalary is here to help. Worry no more, stay safe, and stay healthy! 

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5 Ways To Stay Financially Hopeful Amidst Covid-19

It’s been more than 50 days since the World Health Organisation announced the Coronavirus crisis as a global pandemic. Nations across the world have gone into lockdown, causing great deals of disruption to almost every single aspect of human life. What’s worse? It may not be over any time soon. Not to create a panic, but it is essential for us to be informed of the situation and the prognosis, to help us make optimal decisions. Even amidst all this, it is extremely possible for each and every single one of us to remain financially hopeful. Here are our top takes on ways to remain financially hopeful.

#1 Complete Your Taxes Faster

The Covid-19 pandemic has left most of us with one luxury that we probably didn’t have before – lots of extra time. We can use this to our benefit and save every penny that we can. Apart from budgeting and rationing efficiently to save money, one of the best ways to ensure that you save as much as possible is by ensuring that you plan for your taxes with this time and file your ITR at the earliest. We have a separate article on tax-saving tips, which you might want to read if you want to learn some tips on how best to plan your taxes. 

#2 Take Advantage Of Discount And Freebies

Covid-19 has not only affected individual lives but has also disrupted businesses (big & small) all across the world. Many companies are forced to sell their products and services at low prices to just stay alive and kicking. This has given rise to lots of outrageous discounts, offers, and freebies by various organizations across the globe. There are also several apps available on the internet which lets you keep track of all the offers currently available. If you see something that catches your eye which is on offer, now might be the best time for you to purchase them. 

#3 Take Bold Health Decisions

Now that we have a lot of time in our hands, along with the undivided attention and support of our family, a pleasant side effect of an otherwise dire situation, it is highly recommended that you make health decisions that you didn’t or couldn’t make otherwise. You may consider quitting smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, that you weren’t able to do previously. 

With the calm and comfort of home, it is probably the best time for you to quit your vices, and develop healthy habits in their stead. This may not seem like financial advice, but when you think about it, by taking better care of your body and mind now, you save yourself quite a fortune that you might end up spending on hospitals and medicine. And this is apart from the money you save which you’d otherwise spend on your vices. Take your time, talk to your family, and work out a regime, and stay healthy!

#4 Consider Investments

We, at EarlySalary, have emphasized the importance of Investments plenty of times in different posts in our blog. Investing small amounts of money regularly and religiously results in huge payoffs down the line. It is, however, essential that you take time and decide on what instruments you want to invest in, how much you want to invest in each of the instruments, and how better to diversify your portfolio. Generally, we don’t have enough time to analyze the various instruments available in the market, thus shying away from investing, losing us a lot of money in the long run. With time being in abundance now, it is high time that we start creating a long term strategy that will help us save and profit a lot more in the future. Right now, with the markets looking to recover, most of the instruments are available for purchase at very low rates, deviating from their fair market values, making this the perfect time to start investing. 

#5 Build an emergency fund for the future

COVID has taught us plenty of financial lessons, one of them being the importance of building a savings buffer. We had talked about the 50 30 20 rule in our post on International Happiness Day, and how it can be best used to build an emergency fund for the future. Ideally, building a safety buffer worth 2 months of our income should be enough to face out any emergency situation that may happen in the future, considering even the worst of the situations. If the safety fund is not enough for you to meet the emergency, we, at EarlySalary, are always happy to help out by disbursing cheap instant loans with zero hassles.  

The Coronavirus has created a dire environment for all of us to live in, but we human beings have the unique tendency to always look on the bright side, to hope, and this tendency is one of the key traits that we share which will help us plow through this dark periods. This too shall pass.

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Deep Dive: The Top 5 Instant Loan Apps In India

It isn’t always easy to stick to your budget. There are many unforeseen expenditures that can occur before you receive your monthly salary. Instant loan apps are the perfect solution to out of budget expenses. There are no physical documents required or even any physical interaction. It takes only a few minutes to get approved after which the loan is disbursed straight into your account. The time taken for loan amounts to get disbursed varies from app to app. There are a wide variety of apps that offer these services without the hassle and delay of private sector banks. This abundance in choice can get confusing for those wishing to make a safe and credible choice. Here are the top 5 instant loan apps in India-

#1 Dhani

Instant Loan Apps In India

Backed by Indiabulls ventures, Dhani provides unsecured loans ranging from INR 1000 – 15 lakh. There is a 5 min approval procedure after which the money is disbursed into your account within 3 minutes, as stated by the app.
There is no physical documentation required. They have a low-interest rate of 11.99%. Loan tenures range from 3-20 months. The processing fee is 5% of the instant loan amount.

#2 EarlySalary

Instant Loan Apps In India


Early salary is gaining popularity amongst the new salaried generation due to its quick disbursal of loans and easy-to-use interface. It is perhaps the best option to avail safe and credible online instant loans. EarlySalary offers loans to customers with no credit history, as long they earn a salary of above INR 18,000 per month. Those eligible can avail loans from INR 15000 up to INR 2 lakh, for rates as low as Rs 9/day. This service has partnered with Amazon, Flipkart, etc to enable purchases using EMIs directly at the time of the transaction.

#3 MoneyTap

Instant Loan Apps In India

MoneyTap is another popular instant loan app, with a paperless process. One can avail of the loan through online approval without any bank visit. Its loans range from INR 3,000 up to  5 lakh based on your credit score. The minimum salary requirement, however, is somewhat higher, at INR 22,000. The loan tenure ranges from 2-36 months with interest rates going from 13-24.3% per annum.

# 4 KreditBee

Instant Loan Apps In India


KreditBee is an instant loan app targeted towards financially helping young professionals with a stable salary. Like the other apps, its process is online too and does not take much time for disbursement. There are three types of loans provided – a Flexi Personal loan, a personal loan for salaried people, and an online purchase loan.

You have to be over 18 years of age, earning above INR 15,000 to be eligible. The loan tenure ranges from 62 days to 15 months – which is on the shorter side compared to other platforms. The loan amount is somewhat restricted too – ranging from INR 1,000 to 1 lakh with an interest rate of 2.49- 3% per month.

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5 Tax Tips Your Workforce Should Know

We don’t need a survey to gauge how many salaried individuals would like to earn more by saving on their taxes. A key issue expected during every annual budget proceeding in the parliament involves some leeway on the income tax levied (like the new slabs introduced in Budget 2020). And tax season is often marked by elevated levels of anxiety, a frustrating sense of urgency, and a desire for it to get over quickly. As HR professionals, we’re entrusted with the role of ensuring optimal performance of employees and resolving emotional-mental constraints that might inhibit performance and growth. Since the act of tax-saving remains a key psychological tussle faced by most employees, aid in that direction can work wonders for the organization’s ecosystem. Here are 5 legally backed tax tips which should empower your workforce to save significantly more:

#1 House Rent Allowance [Section 10 (13A)]

A greater segment of individuals migrates to other cities in order to fulfill their job requirements. With rising real estate costs, renting is the only viable option for accommodation. 

For individuals living in rented abodes, the government of India offers tax exemption on full or partial house rent paid. Also, the employers are directed to pay a house rent allowance to cover the rent charges. 

The minimum provision on tax exemption on house rents can cover any of the following cases based on salary structure:

  1. Complete HRA provided by the employer
  2. 40% of the income(Basic salary+ Daily Allowance) for non-metro cities or 50% of income(Basic+DA) for metro cities
  3. Actual rent paid is less than 10% of the income(Basic+DA)

It is mandatory to inform your workforce that misusing this provision by house owners by coming in a rental agreement with their spouse will be considered fraudulent activity. The guilty will be subjected to the case of tax evasion.

#2 Leave Travel Allowance [Section 10(5)]

Breaks or holidays are a critical part of that elusive work-life balance we all chase. It’s probably why the Government of India grants tax exemptions on leave travel allowances provided by the employer. Your workforce should know that if their LTA is part of their CTC, employees can cover costs borne on transportation like economic airfare, first-class AC railway travel, or other means of public transports. 

Do remember that the tax exemptions only come into play for the trips within India. A critical point that needs to be noted is that this allowance on travel expenses is only valid for immediate family or other dependent family members. 

#3 Conveyance Allowance [Section 10(14) (2)]

The cost of transportation endured due to the commute from home to the workplace is an unavoidable expenditure. The tax laws hold a provision to an exempt tax levied on the conveyance allowance provided by the employer. 

Travel allowances of upto Rs.19,200 per annum or Rs.1,600 per month are exempted from any tax cuts. Your employee does not need to show any documentation in the form of receipt of expenditure in order to avail the allowance and tax benefits.

#4 Medical Expenses [Section 17 (2)]

Medical expenditures can be simultaneously unavoidable and heavy on the wallet. Apart from a medical cover or insurance policy your employees might have, the government allows tax exemption on the medical expenses provided by employers. Up to Rs.15,000 can be reimbursed by the employer in order to cover any medical expenditure. This sum is exempted from any tax cut under the tax laws. 

Another critical point to consider is that since the amount is a part of a ‘reimbursement’, the exemption is permitted up to the actual expenditure incurred. The employee and the salary department should be made aware of this crucial segment. 

#5 Cover for Miscellaneous Expenses and Sharing Tax Plan with Organisation

Employees also stand to benefit from tax deductions on work-related expenses they may be incurring. This can include research, phone bills, local travel, and more. This also covers expenditure incurred on clients, skill enhancement, newspapers, books, etc. As long as the expenses deal with your primary business, employees stand to gain.

It’s a good policy to encourage awareness of the various outlays that they can cover right from their organization. Being an HR professional, the task falls on your shoulders to ensure a proper allowance allotment structure in your organization. You could explore organizing in-house sessions to help with awareness of the ongoing tax regime, best practices, an explanation of the jargon, upcoming deadlines, and more.

You can also educate your employees about the tax benefits in the short-term from instruments that can help them earn returns in the long-run. Your employees may have multiple income sources that may attract taxes. Section 80C, 80D, and 80G of the Income Tax Act can provide them an exhaustive list of ways to save on taxes. 

Employees may also be encouraged to share their tax plans and saving strategies. With a few tweaks from the organization, this should ensure lowered deductions resulting in more in-hand-cash for the teams. 

Tax season can be one of the daunting times to endure in the office circuits (often one that also requires some tax myths busted). As an HR professional, it’s important to stay updated and help employees minimize their tax burden and make them smart at tax saving. By sharing tax tips with your employees and helping them file their taxes, you can hope to establish a healthy and fun office structure.

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EarlySalary: Your One-Click Solution For Instant Loans

A sudden need for a large amount of money or a loan can, of course, occur at any point in life, as many of us may now have experienced. In case of an emergency, acquiring an immediate cash loan from a bank could be quite tedious and time taking. The plethora of paperwork and processing required would take ages for the loan to be sanctioned. An instant loan would be of great help at such times. 

There are multiple online digital platforms and apps that offer instant loans online in India. EarlySalary is one such digital platform that provides Indian users with instant cash loans of up to 2,00,000 rupees within hours. It’s one of the largest instant loan apps in India. And once a loan is approved, there are no restrictions on how and where you wish to use your loan amount. You are free to use the instant loan for any of your requirements. EarlySalary does not require you to pledge any kind of collateral to get an instant loan approved. The repayment of your loan can be done at a time most convenient to you with a flexible repayment tenure of up to 12 months. Documentation for a loan at EarlySalary is completely digital. Taking advantage of the digital revolution, a user is quickly approved with the submission of basic documents, and an instant loan is disbursed within minutes. Once you are an approved user, you can get your future loans quickly disbursed with just a few taps. However, loan approval is based on some eligibility criteria like your income and credit score. Interest rates for your loans are attractive and fixed throughout the tenure of your loan so you need not have to worry about varying charges. These rates are very rational and can be as low as 9 rupees per day. Another amazing feature about EarlySalary is you are still eligible for a loan even without a credit score.

The basic eligibility criteria that need to be filled as an applicant are:

  • You must be a salaried Indian Citizen
  • A Google or Facebook account is mandatory for signing up on the EarlySalary – Instant Loan App
  • You must be at least 18 years of age
  • A minimum salary of 15,000 rupees per month and a minimum salary of 18,000 rupees per month if you are a resident of a non-metro city and a metro city respectively.

EarlySalary aims to be one of the most user-friendly instant loan apps in India. These are the 5 documents you need to avail an instant loan online: 

  • Selfie
  • PAN card
  • Address ID proof
  • Aadhar card
  • Bank statement

There is a wide range of loans available at EarlySalary. Below are details of each kind of loan:

  • Shopping Loan: A shopping loan offers you to shop with no-cost EMI options on popular online shopping platforms like Amazon and Flipkart. This kind of loan makes it easy for you to make an instant purchase without restrictions and pay it back in easy no-cost or low-cost 3-6 EMIs.
  • Travel Loan: The travel loan lets you travel now and pay back the amount later in no-cost or 3-6 low-cost EMIs. You could also buy Gift Vouchers from MakeMyTrip for your flight tickets or hotel booking.
  • Instant Cash: An instant cash loan gets you the money required for quick payments such as rents and bills. With just a few simple and easy steps, you can get instant cash for all your personal needs.
  • Education Loan: With flexible repayment options, zero prepayments and no paperwork, paying education fee is a hassle-free affair.

EarlySalary operates in many major cities all over India. So far, our instant loan services are operational in the cities listed below:

  • Delhi, NCR (Delhi, New Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon)
  • Mumbai (Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane), Pune
  • Hyderabad & Secunderabad
  • Chennai & Coimbatore
  • Bangalore, Mangalore, Mysore
  • Ahmedabad
  • Jaipur
  • Kolkata
  • Bhubaneswar
  • Chandigarh
  • Visakhapatnam
  • Vijayawada

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How To Get Personal Loans Without A Credit Score?

Life can be a journey full of surprises. You can never anticipate when it will throw a curveball. The only aspect in your hands is maintaining sufficient preparation so that you hit a home run rather than lose the game. This is especially true in the case of money matters. 

Needs, emergencies, dreams, and wishes generally require exorbitant amounts of money to fund. These can sprout to existence at any point in time and one can never have sufficient funds. You scramble around for fast personal loans and to no avail. You keep facing rejection because you do not have a good credit score. 

What is a credit score?

A credit score calculated from the analysis of a person’s financial history and is a representation of an individual’s creditworthiness. Your credit score functions as a metric for lenders, credit card companies, and banks to evaluate the risk they undertake when they lend money. 
While the term has been in existence for a long time, most people who apply for instant personal loans hear it for the first time when they face rejection due to it. Then the question arises – how to get personal loans without a credit score? 

The fact is that an applicant who files for quick personal loans for the first time may have creditworthiness. But the credit score is fairly low since no previous records exist of their borrowing history. This, in turn, makes getting the instant personal loan fairly difficult, but not impossible. Here is a guide to getting a personal loan with no credit check.  
When you don’t have a credit history, a variety of other factors come into play. Here’s what you can do:

#1 Leverage Your Income 

The consumer’s income becomes the major deciding factor for the clearance of the personal loan fast cash. For example, if you are employed by a company listed in the Fortune 500 and rake in a good salary, then you can prove your creditworthiness. Primarily, personal cash loans are granted if you are proven to be financially stable and possess the ability to pay back the money borrowed. 

You may be required to produce a few documents when filing for the personal loan. Proof of income earned can also be provided in the form of tax returns, at least for the previous two financial years, or history of employment and pay stubs. Other essential documents include education certificates and bank statements. 

#2 Get Yourself A Cosigner

Alternatively, many easy personal loans can be obtained by leveraging the credit score of another individual. Such individuals are called cosigners. A cosigner will apply for the instant personal loan with you, thereby agreeing to pay the debt on your behest when you default. For example, a spouse with a good credit history can become a cosigner on your personal loans application. Cosigners assure the personal loan lenders.

#3 Leverage The Credit Score Of Someone Else

The most common way to leverage the creditworthiness of another individual is to ask them to add yourself as an authorized user on their credit card. This way you get yourself a credit card under another person’s account and now their credit card record will reflect in your credit report. In the meantime, you can start building your own creditworthiness.

#4 Find The Right Instant Personal Loan Online

Before applying for fast personal loans, it is essential to research extensively for personal loan lenders which suit your needs. Since personal loan interest rates can be very high, therefore, read through the terms of your lender. Getting an instant personal loan online is easy these days since personal loan apps have garnered exceedingly high popularity in recent years. EarlySalary is one such instant personal loan app that provides personal loans online up to Rs. 2 lakh with minimal documentation. Plus, there are no prepayment charges if you wish to pay early. The interest need only be paid on the amount used, and that too can be as low as Rs 9/day at times.

In conclusion – it isn’t hard at all to get a personal loan without a credit score. All it takes is some careful planning and some help from personal loan apps like EarlySalary. When are you taking your finances back in your hands?

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HR Tech – What’s in Store for 2020?

HR has traditionally not been a field considered synonymous with technology. However, with the benefits of advanced technologies like AI and data analytics making themselves known throughout the industry, this is changing. HR and technology are becoming irreversibly connected, and “HR Tech”, or Human Resource Technology, is now a popular buzzword. From flexible working and the rise of the gig economy to remote workplaces and data analytics for employee engagement, HR Tech has certainly evolved. The new decade is likely to see some explosive progress in this field. Here’s what to expect in 2020.

Remote workspaces

HR tech, 2020

The concepts of flexible working and remote working are now gaining ground globally. Getting work done from the opposite end of the world has never been easier, with video conferencing and real-time data processing on the cloud enabling it all. This has given birth to a number of new concepts, including globally distributed teams, where talent is given priority over the geographical location of the employee. 

All this comes with its challenges, too, though, and it falls on the shoulders of HR professionals to overcome them. A NetMotion survey of 285 mobile employees revealed five categories of issues they faced: 

  • poor network connectivity;
  • Underperforming tools and software; 
  • Slow and dated devices; 
  • Restrictive security and compliance; and 
  • Collaboration and communication issues. 

Although these issues primarily require IT support, the HR function can play a critical role in ensuring that the employee experience of remote workers is of the same quality as that of in-office employees. 

AI for better employee experience

Organizations throughout the world have already started relying on Artificial Intelligence for assistance with recruitment. It is expected to reduce the workload of HR professionals in terms of screening candidates as well as keeping them informed throughout the recruitment process. An area that is only beginning to be explored, though, is the use of AI for the employees themselves. The opportunities here are limitless, and AI is just waiting to be leveraged to improve the employee experience.

For instance, when it comes to the varying needs of the multi-generational workforce, AI could be used to analyze data and personalize career paths and incentives for each employee based on their demographics and needs. It can also be used to help with the training of each employee, personalizing their learning experience according to their needs. The opportunities are infinite.

Using VR for training

Virtual reality is not a new concept when it comes to gaming and entertainment. However, when it comes to more mainstream applications, organizations are just beginning to realize its potential. Several companies have begun to use VR to train their employees on various aspects. Some notable examples of such companies are Walmart and FedEx Ground. Walmart is using this kind of immersive training to assess new hires for various roles, while FedEx Ground is leveraging the technology to train new hires for warehouse jobs, which can be strenuous and dangerous. Several other companies are catching up, and 2020 may be the year that sees widespread use of VR for training purposes.

People analytics for actionable insights

Data, as they say, is the next oil. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, cloud computing, all these technologies share their base in data. And although people management can be more than just about numbers, data analytics can still be fairly useful in HR. People analytics, although relatively new as a field, involves leveraging data such as employee demographics, skills, and performance data as well as data related to various HR initiatives and programs for actionable insights. These can then be used as feedback to test the effectiveness of the HR policies and improve on them.

The rising popularity of people analytics has its challenges, including the fact that it requires to possess additional data analytics skills. However, the benefits of people analytics make it worth the effort of learning a new skill.

Cloud migration

Organizations have been shifting their data and applications to the cloud for the past several years now. A while back, this was just their software applications and IT systems, but now, this shift to the cloud has come to encompass even HR data. In fact, the 2017 PwC Global HR Technology Survey reports that now, more than 70% of companies manage at least one HR process in the cloud. The increasing use of data analytics in HR, as well as the improvement in security protocols of the cloud, has led to the increasing migration of HR data management to the cloud. Soon enough, more and more HR processes are expected to see migration into the cloud. 

AI and machine learning for employee well-being

Employee health and well-being have been a priority for organizations for the past several years now, but historically, well-being initiatives taken up by companies haven’t delivered very convincingly in the long run. A primary cause of this failure is that the initiatives have, in the past, taken a generalized approach and are not relevant to many individual employees.

In 2020, AI could be deployed to rectify this problem by leveraging individual employee data to design personal well-being plans for them. Another issue is that most employees don’t have the data necessary to make sound decisions regarding their own well-being. AI, in the form of chatbots, is a solution to this problem. There is evidence that the presence of chatbots helps enhance learning, as people are more likely to engage and disclose their stressors to chatbots than to people. Clearly, HR tech can be used in several ways to promote employee health and well-being.

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Should Corporate India Adopt A Right To Disconnect From Work?

In the winter session of 2019, a National Congress Party’s MP presented a bill to empower employees to go offline after work hours. Called the Right to Disconnect Bill, it gives the employees the right to take no work calls or emails after office and on holidays. However, the question is – is the Indian workspace is ready for it? 

In a digitally linked working community, after being continuously in office for ten hours or more, it can become frustrating and stressful for professionals to respond to office-related calls even after work hours. The present working environment has drastically shrunk the margin between work life and home life.

Digital tools have undoubtedly improved productivity and efficiency and brought activeness and freedom to employees. However, there are occasions where they may also create hindrance in one’s peace and lead to excessive interference in personal lives As per a study by WHO, the total estimated number of people living with anxiety disorders in the world is 264 million, and a huge number is of private workers. In such scenarios, it’s important to ask – are your employees truly happy?

With rising cases of anxiety disorder due to a high imbalance in work life and personal life, less downtime, heart-related problems, loss in appetite, and obesity due to long working hours, more mental, emotional, and behavioral problems are affecting employees. Work-related calls, messages, or emails disturb people to such an extent that the person starts distancing himself from socializing very often. This is also weakening social relations. According to a survey, it is found that 90% of the divorce and separation cases arise in families where people spend less time with each other.

The Practical Implications of Right to Disconnect

To not be engaged with personal life beyond work hours had been a norm before tech took over. Some evolved nations, particularly in Europe, have managed to recognize and maintain this dynamic. The Right To Disconnect Bill in India was proposed on the same equation. However, with the fierce professional competition, a lack of jobs, and growing anticipations of proving our worth has triggered. India ranks among the top nations in terms of the longest working hours in the world. In reality, the act may be unenforceable. If you do not have job security and there’s high unemployment, you do not really have the bargaining power here. Hence, legislation may not be able to mandate a solution to this problem. 

The right to disconnect from work after office hours has a cost. As a matter of fact, not everybody is punctual and disciplined in their work as per the deadlines and schedules. The bill calls for the total disconnection of work calls and emails in non-working hours. This may create a wave of stress among managers and employers who are bogged down by inefficient employees. A developing economy like India is still struggling to get optimum results from production, top and bottom-line performances. Another backdrop of the Right to Disconnect Bill is that one cannot simply ignore the duties bestowed upon them. With dynamic business demands, support may be needed at any moment, and ‘Right to Disconnect” is a hurdle in between.


The insidious impact of ‘always on’ organizational culture is a latent benefit, as it minimizes the problems due to ‘flexible work boundaries’ which turn into ‘work without boundaries’. However, that does not imply suffering and grinding anytime and anywhere for work is the solution. It can have deleterious effects not just on your business but on your wellbeing. It is important to make sure that employers account for their staffing needs as per the nature of their business and define emergency contact procedures and any added overhead that these might cause.  The onus lies on employers to better manage their organizational expectations with stress and the burn out that negatively affects a worker’s overall job performance. After all, employee loyalty is earned, not taken.

The success of the Right to Disconnect, if passed in the parliament, will thus depend on the organization’s standards, employee efficiency, and values. Remember, if you don’t switch off from work, you may not be able to recover from work. 

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Lockdown: Give Your Mental Health The First Priority

Medical casualties aren’t the only consequences of the Coronavirus pandemic. The economic damage, its impact on our mental state, interpersonal relationships, and communities at large – they’re all victims. This isn’t surprising to all of us. A few years go, Bill Gates, described his biggest fear in an interview with Vox. He was highly concerned about the inability of the human race to battle an impending war with epidemics. He said, “The fact that there was no catastrophic pandemic in recent history does not mean there will not be any. And we are certainly not prepared for the next pandemic.” 

It’s true – we’ve been caught fairly unprepared. As we struggle to balance working from home with potential threats to our careers, it’s our mental health that seems to be taking the biggest hit. And we’re not alone in this scenario. It’s especially hard for healthcare workers and others on the frontline during these times – who must endanger their health to ensure ours. 

To understand how to best emerge out of this, perhaps we should recap how we got here in the first place: 

A brief timeline of the COVID-19 Spread

January 2020: The outbreak of a new coronavirus was declared to be an international concern by the World Health Organization(WHO). 
February 2020: There was a rising concern of the coronavirus disease, termed COVID-19, spreading around the globe. 
April 2020: A majority of the human population is under partial or complete lockdown. 
March 2020: COVID-19 is declared as a pandemic. 

Essentials To Keep Your Mental Health In Check 

With extended lockdowns, the stress in such troubled times is inevitable. Prolonged stress can hamper your ability to take care of yourself and others. So the fear of the disease and the mounting pressure owing to the uncertainty about the times ahead warrants the need to give your mental health the first priority. After all, the last thing we need in times like these is more reasons for stress and anxiety. This would lead to strained relationships, lowered productivity, and an overall general sense of dissatisfaction.

#1 Refrain From Divulging In Too Deep In COVID-19

The first and foremost advice to heed is to stop excessively divulging yourself in the topic itself. With an exponential increase in the information about COVID-19 doing the rounds over the internet, it is easy to lose track of time reading articles and watching videos about the widespread disease. You don’t necessarily need to know the death toll or the number of new cases every day. We’ve established beyond doubt that COVID-19 is exceedingly dangerous. It’s why we have a lockdown in the first place! Constant news loops can cause distress and elevate anxiety at an exponential rate. For your mental well being, it is essential to minimize listening, watching, and reading news about COVID-19. Refrain from indulging in updates to once or twice a day.  

#2 Rely On Trusted Sources For The Facts 

In addition to reducing your own stress, refraining yourself from overindulging in the information about the coronavirus disease can also help you to not fall victim to rumors and misinformation. Such information, which is untrue and potentially harmful, would only cause more discomfort. Always get facts from trustworthy sources. These will filter out the rumors from the facts. This practice should keep your stress levels in check. 

It might even prevent embarrassment if you happen to forward or propagate potentially misleading news that is later fact-checked!

#3 Stop The Stigmatization 

Thirdly, stop stigmatizing anything and everything. It is cumbersome for yourself and others. Don’t harbor stigma about certain ethnic groups or infected people in your area. It is important to be empathetic to the affected rather than condemning them for being sick. Remember – these tough times pass, they will be the same as us minus the infection. 

#4 Maintain Virtual Contact With Neighbours, Friends And Distant Relatives 


While you practice social distancing, we’d highly recommend you keep in frequent virtual contact with your neighbors, friends, and distant relatives. Such interactions would hopefully distract your thoughts from the grim reality and divert your attention in the best ways. Feel free to play cards and board games over video calls or have an indoor movie night and karaoke sessions. Additionally, these interactions ensure great community support allowing for quick assistance in case of emergencies.  

#5 Spread Positivity

Sharing experiences of people who have recovered, discussing the innovative ways they are coping with situations, fun activities kids are indulging in while at home are some of the share-worthy content that you must surely spread around. 

You could even consider some form of art of your preference – do you want to write? Make music? Perhaps shoot a video in the challenging confines of your home? Every opportunity and idea is up for grabs!


Simply put, you can sail through these rough tides by maintaining a positive outlook. As days go by and the lockdown continues, money may soon become a concern. Online instant loan apps are possible solutions you can look into at an early stage. The application takes minimal time while the cash transfer is done within minutes. And they are accessible without endangering your lives. 

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Smile OK please – No more month-end crunch with instant cash loans

For most of us, salary-day is the best time of the month. Whether it is eating out in a nice restaurant, buying new clothes or a long-awaited breather with your loved ones on a weekend trip, replenishing your bank account with your hard-earned money can mean a lot. With the advent of online shopping and its massive discounts and a wide array of products, we’re spoilt for options too.

But we do know that this golden period is often short-lived. Even after rigorous budgeting, you may face a cash crunch; especially towards the end of the month. Here in this blog, we explore how an instant cash loan can help you bridge the gap caused by your cash crunch under any circumstance. 

To get an instant loan online these days requires zero paperwork and no collateral. Everything, starting from the application to the final loan disbursal is done online with a focus on instant approval. Most instant loan apps in India like EarlySalary ensure disbursal within 8 to 24 hours of your application because we understand that in a time of need, running around for money can be the most taxing thing. At EarlySalary, we have developed financial technology and tools to help customers apply for a cash loan by simply uploading the required documents on our website or android app. 

How To Get An Instant Loan Online

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