How To Avail a Personal Loan Without Collateral/ Security?

HIghlight: Here is all you need to know about getting a personal loan application approved without any security. Read on to learn more.

Can one get a personal loan without security? Yes, personal loans are granted without collateral or security. 

Availability of a personal loan is quick and easy. After submitting the personal loan application, the loan approval and disbursement are carried out quickly. How to utilize the loan amount is altogether dependent upon the applicant. They can use it for several reasons, like for – 

  • Business needs
  • Luxury/abroad travel
  • Higher education
  • Personal purchases
  • Health-related crisis 
  • Wedding
  • Home renovation

What is a Personal Loan?

A bank or a lending institution gives a personal loan. Personal loans are offered to subsidize a financial need or immediate money prerequisite. Be it for business, family weddings, or any other financial emergencies; personal loans have the power to save the situation. When one submits their loan application, the bank or the lender won’t examine you concerning the end-use.

The most convenient feature of this kind of loan is that it does not ask for security or collateral. The borrower does not need to put in any documents or gold as a security guarantee for the loan. Therefore, personal loans are more accessible than other kinds of loans.

Qualifications For a Personal Loan Without Security 

To qualify for personal loans without security, certain aspects are considered. They are-

  • Credit Rating/ Score
  • Credit Worthiness

Generally, the credit score of the applicant is assessed. Credit scores determine the creditworthiness of the applicant. A desirable credit score is seven hundred and fifty or above.

A good credit rating and history show that the applicant is responsible for repaying the loan or credit.

When one has a steady history of loan/ credit repayments and a high credit rating/ worthiness, the chances of getting a personal loan are higher.

Other than the credit qualifications, the following is a general list of eligibility criteria for personal loans without security-

  • The applicant should be an Indian citizen.
  • The desirable applicant’s age is between twenty and sixty years.
  • The applicant should be either employed in a sector or self-employed.

In the cases of availing personal loans from banks, it helps when one is an existing client. Existing clients have higher chances of getting their loan applications quickly approved.

The Role of Financial Steadiness

Personal loans are considered unsecured loans. It is because they are offered without any guarantee or security. Therefore, banks and lending institutions will check the applicants-

  • Salary or income
  • Flow of cash
  • Soundness and steadiness in business or work (to ensure that the applicant can repay the loan advance)

Therefore, when putting in a personal loan application, it is advised to focus on monetary stability to ensure a smooth loan approval process.

The Process to Apply for Personal Loans Without Collateral/ Security.

To avail of a personal loan from a bank, the applicant can visit the bank and fill out the application. Some banks also have the option to apply for a personal loan on their official websites.

The following is a general list of documents that have to be submitted to banks for personal loan approval-

  • Proof of age, address, and identity
  • Passport size pictures of the applicant
  • Duly filled loan application
  • Proof of income – salary slips and the likes.

Another way to avail a personal loan is through online lending portals and applications. The applicant has to –

  • Download the lender’s application or visit their website.
  • Login and fill the loan application. It generally includes the personal details of the applicant along with the loan details.
  • Submit KYC documents like the Aadhaar card, PAN card, etc.

When the loan is approved, the amount is directly transferred to the borrower’s bank account.

Frequently Asked Questions in Regards to Personal Loans Without Security

The below are two commonly asked questions with answers regarding personal loans without security-

  • Does a personal loan without security/ collateral accompany higher financing costs? 

Personal loans are not known to ask for any guarantees. The accompanying financing costs like the interest rates of the loan are dependent on certain aspects, like-

Credit profile and history

Required loan amount

Income proofs and history

When such aspects are strong, one can expect to avail the loan under favorable financial terms.

  • How does the loan repayment process of personal loans without collateral work? 

Personal loans are usually taken for short or medium tenure periods. Their loan term can range from twelve months to sixty months. They require equated monthly installments (EMIs) like any other type of loan. 

One can adjust these monthly payments to ensure that they are more pocket-accommodating. The loan repayment process is also very similar to other types of loans.

However, it is advised to check the terms and conditions of the loan repayment process before proceeding with it, as personal loans might differ on the foreclosure terms or charges.

Personal loans, in general, are transferred within a short period after getting approval. All it requires is a decent credit profile. Many online platforms provide personal loans with minimal documentation. With the rapid advancement in the digital age, many borrowers are showing interest in these online platforms.

A personal loan without security is not only possible but is also easy to get. Personal loans have several benefits that follow them. Some of them are-

  • Easy personal loan application process
  • Flexible loan repayment tenure
  • No end-usage restrictions (loan amount can be used for different purposes)
  • Quicker approval and disbursal processes

With the online lending platforms, one need not even step out of the comforts of their home to apply for a personal loan. They provide a window to access money quickly during urgent financial emergencies/situations. They approve loans and transfer the amount to the bank account on the same day.

In short, personal loans are simply a click away with an easy and convenient application process.

Now that you’ve grasped how unsecured personal loans work, apply one now and move a step closer to realizing your dreams that were otherwise unattainable owing to lack of funds. Apply for a personal loan today!

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How HR Can Assess Financial Safety Of Employees In The New Year

Highlight: Financial Safety and policies related to the protection of the financial interests of the employees are an important duty of the human resources team. A thriving company is born of happy and stable employees. Achieving these goals is crucial in the wake of the pandemic.

A healthy person with a sustainable income has the confidence to go about in his life. When faced with hurdles, he navigates through all difficulties easily.

Such a utopian outlook is contradicted mainly by the workers’ situation in the real world. Employees worrying about money is not healthy for a thriving workspace. Inevitably, this stress reduces morale, community engagement, and overall job performance. A study in Economic Times reveals how 40% of employees are stressed about unexpected expenses.

Employees require assistance in this area, and organizations that embrace a duty of care are more likely to retain their brightest employees. Relaxation rooms and flexible working hours aren’t the only aspects of employee health programs. They must put in place pragmatic strategies to assist employees in protecting what they have, providing people with much-needed peace of mind.

The effect of the pandemic on work-life has taught us the significance of financial wellness and employee well-being. 63% of employees have stressed how their financial worries have increased since the pandemic struck. In the wake of a new year, it is also essential to focus on protecting the interests of the employees and assuring financial safety and security. 

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Benefits of financial protection

Employers of financially fit employees benefit from the following:

  • Productivity gains– Staff is less distracted and better able to keep focused on company goals.
  • Reduced stress– Related illnesses and absenteeism, such as substance abuse, on- and off-the-job accidents, and tardiness are significantly reduced.
  • Lower HR expenditures– Fewer wage garnishments, pay advance requests, and reliance on assistance programs.
  • Minor theft– Though deliberate theft is a different matter, theft motivated by desperation, such as “borrowing” money to make ends meet until the next payday can be avoided.
  • Improved capacity to interact and collaborate successfully with coworkers is increased, as well as following supervisory instructions.

Types of Financial Protection

Let us look at forms of financial protection that employers must look into.

Life Insurance

Employees with dependents require a lot of life insurance. This financial safety net assures that individuals left behind will have enough money to live comfortably. Life insurance provides families with a financial safety net through difficult times, and it could mean the difference between preserving or losing a family home.

Income Protection Insurance

Providing income protections ensures that employees are covered by income protection insurance if they lose their jobs due to illness, accident, or injury. Millennials are the generation most likely to demand income protection, according to a 2019 FT Financial Adviser article.

Critical Illness Cover

Critical illness insurance protects employees in the event of severe sickness or disability as a result of an accident. Upon diagnosis of various illnesses, this type of financial protection often pays out a lump sum (strokes, heart attacks, cancer, etc.). Employees can utilize payouts to pay off debts or mortgage payments that they might not otherwise be able to afford while unemployed.

Private Medical Insurance

While a well-equipped public healthcare system is efficient for dealing with emergency medical situations, access to private services is a helpful resource. There’s nothing wrong with looking for ways to cut down on hospital wait times when someone falls seriously sick. Access to more medical resources and a greater range of expert therapies is something private medical insurance can provide.

Having access to private medical insurance may allow employees to return to work sooner due to quick treatment – a win-win situation for both the employer and the employee.

Will and Estate Planning

Wills and estate planning can help loved ones to cope with the weight of sudden deaths. While it may appear challenging to discuss wills and estate planning with employees, it is a crucial type of financial protection that should be considered and discussed with the workforce. We never know when the worst can happen, but putting plans in place can help families deal with stress and disagreements.

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Statistics mentioned in a study prove how such policies are favored across all employees. Across all age groups, 17% of individuals believed such measures were beneficial, while 13% preferred collective critical illness policies.

In the same study, we see how 17% of persons who intend to work past 65 and believe group income protection would be the most beneficial benefit translates to almost 4 million workers, but only 2.5 million presently receive such benefits from their workplace.

It is safe to say that financial protection and stability are necessary and protecting crucial to boosting a company’s morale and growth. Read more such informative blogs at EarlySalary.

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Salary Advance Loan – Reasons Why You Should Avail One

Highlight Section: All you need to know about Salary Advance Loans: Eligibility, Documentation, processing, and why you should get one!

Financial planning should be done prudently. It is necessary to set aside some contingency funds for unforeseen situations. In several households, nearly 20% of the monthly salary is saved for this very purpose. Nevertheless, regardless of your careful fiscal planning, unexpected external situations could still lead to a financial crisis. Employees drawing a monthly salary get trapped with financial burden if some unanticipated scenario emerges in the middle of the month. Waiting for your salary to be credited to remedy the situation may not be an option. Add to that is the fact that a regular salaried employee has to deal with inflation and the rising cost of living rates daily. To tide this financial gap, people usually opt to borrow from family and friends or turn to informal lenders for monetary support. These options are unreliable and could lead to long-term complications. The practical option, in such scenarios, would be to apply for a short-term loan on salary, also known as a salary advance loan.

Salary Advance Loan – What is it?

A salary advance loan is a form of personal loan that salaried employees in India can avail. It serves as an unsecured loan that can be borrowed for a short period and paid back quickly. Previously, the advance salary was something that employers would disburse to their employees in their time of need. However, with advances in technology and new policy introduction in the financial sector, you can now borrow salary advance loans from online lenders. Sometimes you can borrow up to three times your monthly salary. These loans usually have to be repaid within twelve to fifteen months. This means that it can be a form of a temporary loan ahead of your salary to meet your financial requirements. One primary advantage is that this is a low salary loan and can be availed even with a moderate credit record. For these types of loans, the interest rates tend to be calculated monthly. Hence, salary advance loans have one of the highest annual percentage rates (APR) among loan categories in India.

Salary Advance Loan – Eligibility Criteria

● You must be an adult and need to have an active bank account within India.

● At the time of loan on salary application, you must have completed at least 21 years of age.

● You must be employed and draw a certain amount of net monthly salary.

While most lenders broadly expect these conditions to be fulfilled, exact requirements might differ between them.

Salary Advance Loan – Uses

Even with the most meticulous financial planning, sometimes we can fall short of our fiscal requirements. Availability of a low-salary loan such as a salary advance loan can help meet your critical monetary commitments effectively. Some circumstances where a salary advance loan might come in handy are mentioned below.

●        Payment of house rent or deposit – If you find an apartment that you wish to rent but cannot wait to book it until your salary is credited, a salary advance loan would be your go-to solution in such a case.

●        Vehicle repairs – Breakdowns occur unexpectedly, and not having the necessary funds at the time of payment would become a hindrance for your travel arrangements.

●        Utility and other bills – Payment of bills is a regular cycle. However, if you incur a high amount on your bill during a particular month, you might face a cash crunch; a salary advance loan can help ease your burden.

●        Medical expenses – Despite having medical insurance, several outpatient procedures or routine check-ups are not covered. Sometimes medical expenses might exceed your regular insurance cover. All these can be managed by applying for a salary advance loan.

●        School expenses for children – Schools plan trips or other activities that require you to make payments immediately. When you don’t have access to readily available funds, you can depend on salary advance loans to save the day.

●        Purchase of expensive gadgets – Special offers come up unexpectedly sometimes on devices or goods you might need. In the absence of necessary funds, you can resort to borrowing a salary advance loan to ensure you don’t miss out on a good deal.

Let us do a quick overview and compare the pros and cons of borrowing and using a salary advance loan.

A quick source of money, as funds get disbursed within hours of the loan application.              Interest on these loans is often charged monthly. Hence the interest levied on salary advance loans is amongst the highest for any loan category within the country.
A low salary loan like a salary advance loan can be availed despite having a relatively lower credit score than credit record requirements for other types of loans.              A Higher EMI / repayment amount needs to be paid due to the higher interest rate. Delayed payments or missed payments would also incur late fees and penalties. Hence, the loan account needs to be monitored efficiently. Otherwise, it could lead you into unnecessary debt.
Short-term loans can be availed to cover your lack of monetary resources until you get your salary.             Due to the ease of borrowing, borrowers might get trapped in the cycle of over-borrowing.
Paperless applications, online monitoring facilities, etc. help keep track of your borrowed principal, interest paid, the amount left to be paid, monthly EMI details, etc. 
Provides monetary backup during emergencies so that you can handle your financial obligations without having to delay payments while waiting for your salary. 
You can avail yourself of funds in the range of 2.5 to 3 times the value of your net monthly income. 

Depending on your lender, you can occasionally also get special offers such as:

● Facility to pay back in part payments

● Low or zero charges for loan pre-closure

While you may apply for salary advance loans during times of emergency, before applying for one, do check all the terms and conditions. All lenders may not provide you with the benefits you seek, so explore the available offers in detail before borrowing.

As a salaried employee, your monthly income stays fixed, but your expenditures are variable. Therefore, in times of monetary emergency, you may not always find yourself adequately equipped with emergency loans. Availing a short-term loan on salary during such situations can help you avert a financial crisis. Salary advance loans can thus help you to handle your financial liabilities quickly and efficiently. So, what are you waiting for? Download the EarlySalary app or visit the EarlySalary website and apply for an instant Salary Advance loan today!

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How HR Can Support Environmental Sustainability?

Highlight: Highlight: Human resource management is crucial in assisting the organization in increasing its effectiveness, managing corporate governance and ethical concerns beyond financial performance. With changing times, investment in environmental sustainability can change the map of the company’s growth.

Do you know by 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish? According to the World Health Organization, pollution is now responsible for a quarter of all fatalities worldwide. Around 40,000 square kilometers of arable land are lost each year globally to rampant deforestation and developmental activities.

The University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership report stresses how organizations unintentionally cause negative repercussions on society and the environment. As per the findings in the paper,  businesses are failing to provide leadership in response to the fourth industrial revolution’s extraordinary developments. Given the nature and size of the issues, organizations no longer have the luxury of choosing to respond. They have to move beyond just maximizing profits. 

Sustainability is the savior of the world that has started to melt today under the blanket of climate change and global warming. The term ‘sustainability’ refers to ‘adequately addressing the requirements of people today without jeopardizing future generations’ ability to meet their own needs.’ When we look at sustainability practices in the workplace, we seek human resources that support a positive working environment and beneficial human and social outcomes without focusing on financial methods and results.

Human resource management is crucial in assisting the organization in increasing its effectiveness, managing corporate governance and ethical concerns beyond financial performance. With changing times, investment in environmental sustainability can change the map of the company’s growth.

Let us look at the five ways sustainability in the workplace can be practiced.

#1 Going digital

Why should companies lag behind when the world is steadily stepping on the digital train? Going paperless is commonly associated with environmental sustainability. While this isn’t a leading solution for becoming environmentally sustainable, it’s a good start.

HR can go paperless with policies, payslips, and other company documentation in addition to performance reviews. A recent PwC survey of 12,000 workers found that half of the employees desire specific HR duties to be automated, in addition to the environmental benefits.

#2 Reuse and Recycle

We’ve all read about the 3 Golden Rs to promote sustainability. Investing in office equipment that is not made of single-use plastics is a good way of ensuring a plastic-free environment. Investing in such environment-friendly products also cuts down on expenditure. 

Customers appreciate knowing that the businesses they buy from are ethical, and publicizing recycling activities might boost consumer loyalty and popularity among netizens. Recycling can also improve the company’s image with employees, since seeing an effort made at the office can promote morale, reduce staff turnover, and motivate people to do more at home.

#3 Transparent Sustainable Company Culture

HR can play a pivotal role in helping management define a coherent idea of sustainable company culture. By putting an adequately structured sustainability policy, the authorities can ensure that the employees are educated about viable, sustainable practices. These policies must also be open to discussion and criticism. 

Because each company culture is unique, as are its employees, corporate culture should be created involving all employees who contribute to its success and thrive. Fostering a transparent workplace empowers employees and management to take responsibility for attaining these objectives.

#4 Hiring the Right People

Sustainable goals should be a significant consideration during the hiring and onboarding process. Making it a part of the interview discussion will make the recruit aware of its policies. Employees shape a company’s culture. Whatever the leaders’ rhetoric or operational processes, if the right people aren’t in place to turn them into results and reality, they’re just concepts. 

HR’s sacred job is to assist managers in bringing in the most compatible applicants and maintaining open communication and actionable feedback. Hiring the right people is also crucial in maintaining the company’s cultural fit.

#5 Review and Implement

HR must take the lead in determining the best practice areas of concentration to influence the desired culture. It is essential to reflect on the existing work practices and revamp them to align with the sustainability objectives. Any areas that aren’t up to par should be addressed, and a code of ethics should be created and distributed to the entire workforce.

Additionally, reviewing sustainable goals regularly and comparing them to societal challenges is essential. HR can have the most impact by working with leadership to connect its performance management process with its vision, mission, values, and fundamental principles. Following the objectives is as essential as strategically implementing them.

Benefits of Sustainability

Maintaining a sustainable culture will not go unrewarded. In the long term, sustainability in the workplace fosters many benefits. Employees who are bright and skilled typically want to work for companies that put ethics over profits. A potential company needs to have good corporate social responsibility (CSR) procedures to improve its recruitment standards. 

By developing and sustaining a collective sense of the social environment in the business, sustainability aids in the creation of a competitive advantage. 33% of consumers today prefer sustainable products.

The organization can develop a positive culture toward pay justice, workforce inclusion, diversity, and fewer occurrences of sexual harassment through sustainability.

A sustainable workplace values ethical behavior and instills the same in employees. The human resource department coordinates the ethics, sustainability, and compliance teams to collaborate and develop integrity-based cultures.


Adopting sustainable practices creates a happy and healthy workplace and assures a clean Earth.  When your staff genuinely cares about reducing waste and increasing your company’s efficiency, it can pay off financially.

EarlySalary, too, with its digital initiatives, like paperless transactions and employee wellness program collabs, is doing its bit towards promoting a sustainable work culture. 

When it comes to formulating plans for progress and growth, every forward-thinking firm needs to consider a sustainable approach. Sustainability is, without a doubt, the way of the future.

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How to get a personal loan on a PAN card?

Highlight: Considering getting a personal loan on a PAN card? Know some important information before applying for one. 

You can need money anytime for large expenditures or emergencies. A personal loan is the best option for an immediate financial crunch. Nowadays, personal loans are available online and offline, with minimum paperwork while following a hassle-free process. Unplanned expenses such as medical emergencies, debt repayment, wedding, and many others can be stressful when you don’t have an adequate savings fund to fall back on. The best thing about a personal loan is that you do not specify any reason to avail one; the loan amount raised after successful application approval is free to use for any purpose (except illegal activities).

When applying for a personal loan online, you have to go through procedures like document submission and verification. Generally, these procedures are completed within a day or two, depending on the company policies. There are options like a personal loan on a PAN card or Aadhaar card that make the entire procedure effortless and quick since these are the two primary identification documents recognized all over the country.

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What do you understand by a PAN card?

A PAN card is an identity card with a ten-digit code that acts as a unique identification number. The PAN card stands for Permanent Account Number and is used to identify the taxpayers in the country. This computer-based identification system assigns the unique identification code to every tax-paying Indian citizen. This method allows each person’s tax-related information to be stored in a single PAN number, unique to all. It assures that no two Indian taxpayers can have the same PAN number.

What are the uses of PAN Card in financial transactions?

Besides serving as a unique identity proof, a PAN card is essential for all taxpayers. It helps the system track every inflow and outflow of money and is crucial for all financial transactions. 

Let’s take a look at some of the uses of PAN cards in financial activities:

  • A PAN Card is required while paying income taxes
  • A PAN card is needed at the time of new business registration
  • While paying direct taxes, a PAN card is required
  • When purchasing a property valued above ₹5 Lakhs, a PAN card is necessary
  • PAN card is essential when applying for a loan, including personal loans
  • PAN is required when purchasing bonds or shares above ₹50,000
  • Selling or purchasing vehicles (other than two-wheelers), one must provide PAN card details

How can you apply for a personal loan on a PAN card?

The ten-digit number on your PAN card holds many unique information about your financial standing. A PAN card is crucial when applying for a personal loan because it helps the lender check your credit history. Almost all banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) will ask for your PAN card while applying for a personal loan. Some lenders will even need your Aadhaar card to proceed with your application. 

The benefit of having a PAN card while applying for a personal loan will make the procedure hassle-free. Usually, the application process for a personal loan can be done at home while following a few simple steps online. 

How having a PAN card helps with the personal loan process?

PAN card is mandatory identification proof for all Indian taxpayers. The PAN card will ensure more straightforward and quick financial transactions across many platforms. Even while applying for a personal loan, having a PAN card makes the entire procedure easy for both the lender and the borrower.

  • Having a PAN card reduces the number of documents required for the loan application
  • It makes the verification process quick, generally with one to two days.
  • You no longer have to visit any branch and conduct the entire process at home.
  • Your PAN number shows your credit history to the lender, which makes them decide whether to approve or decline your application.
  • Banking transactions like loan applications become easily manageable once your Aadhaar card is linked with your PAN card.

When can we take personal loans, and how is it beneficial?

Personal loans are easy to get because financial assistance comes in handy at times of monetary crisis or any personal emergencies.

Here are some benefits of taking a personal loan:

  • A personal loan is flexible and can be used for any purpose, unlike specific loans like home loans or car loans. You can use a personal loan to fund an expensive purchase, home renovation, marriage, medical emergency, paying off personal debts, and more.
  • Once approved, a personal loan amount is disbursed to your bank account to be used anytime at your convenience.
  • Personal loans come with flexible repayment and EMI options; you can choose the repayment method and tenure that suits you the best. 
  • Personal loans are unsecured loans, so you are not required to offer your asset/s security or collateral.
  • Many trusted finance companies and banks offer personal loans on both online and offline platforms. The entire process is digitized and requires just a few essential documents to get processed.

Know the eligibility of applying for a personal loan on a PAN card

  • It would help if you were between 21 and 55 years.
  • You must be an Indian citizen.
  • You must be self-employed or a salaried professional for at least six months to be eligible to apply
  • You must have a good credit score. A credit score above 600 is advantageous for the applicant. A credit score of 700-750 is considered perfect for getting no-questions-asked personal loan approval.

What are the requirements when applying for a personal loan?

Though applying for a personal loan requires comparatively fewer documentation and verification checks than applying for a house loan or a business loan, the few documents required for a personal loan application are crucial for a positive and quick verification process.

  • A correctly and duly filled online/offline application form
  • Proof of identity – PAN card, Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, or Driver’s license. 
  • Residence proof – ration card, electricity bill, telephone bill, passport, or Voters ID
  • Proof of income which includes bank statements, salary slips, or income tax returns
  • Passport-sized photographs

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Personal loan on PAN card – A life-saver for many

The popularity of personal loans has surged in recent times during and after the covid pandemic, which made even the most solid income professional take a hit. The entire procedure from application to verification and loan disbursement being easy and quick has helped with more and more individuals opting for personal loans. 

Applying for a personal loan on a PAN card has never been this more accessible and seamless. It resulted in eliminating unnecessary documentation while making the process quick and smooth for both parties. 

To get information on how to apply for one and to know the benefits, visit EarlySalary today!.

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How to Get a 2 Lakh Personal Loan?

Highlight: Emergencies are unpredictable. Don’t let financial emergencies dictate your life. Instead, avail of a personal loan and sail smoothly through financially trying times.

Money is never enough. There will always be situations where your financial contingency plans do not adequately cover your planned or unplanned expenses. Often, the need for liquid funds arises suddenly, and you might be left struggling to arrange it. What would you do if you had to raise INR 2 lakhs overnight? 

Credit cards might not help, as they have restrictions due to their credit and cash withdrawal limit. Requesting your friends and family for a 2-lakh loan may not be feasible and can turn embarrassing too. The only practical and quick solution to your problem is availing of a 2-lakh personal loan. Are you considering applying for a personal loan in the range mentioned above? Read on to understand how to get a 2-lakh personal loan in a hassle-free manner from a reliable lender.

A personal loan is an easy to avail, collateral-free, unsecured loan that is easy to apply and gets approved quickly after successfully verifying documents. A personal loan does not require you to provide security proof or bring in a guarantor. You are offered such a loan primarily based on your eligibility criteria, repayment capacity, and good credit score. Personal loans offer flexibility and convenience right from the application stage to the repayment process. The funds received from these loans can be used for various personal and emergency monetary requirements. 

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Personal loans in India – Features at a glance

  • Option to borrow money for use as per your requirements – no restriction on the end-use
  • Ease of applying online, saving time and energy.
  • The documentation process is easy, number of documents required are basic and minimal that can be verified online
  • No hard copies or physical documentation is required.
  • Loans are approved quickly based on your credit report and other details
  • Funds are disbursed to your bank account within 24 hours of loan approval.
  • Low application fees.
  • Competitive interest rates for all customers.
  • Convenient EMI options for borrowers (Lenders provide online EMI calculators to help you calculate your monthly payment)
  • Unsecured load that does not require collateral.

Personal loans in action – how can you utilize the money from this loan?

Think of all the situations where you or someone known to you had to arrange funds urgently. Availability of a personal loan will surely help provide monetary relief in all those circumstances—examples of where personal loans might benefit you are mentioned below.

  • Medical Emergency – Healthcare is an expensive business. Whether you attend an outpatient procedure, surgery, or a routine consultation, access to monetary resources is necessary. Personal loans serve as an immediate source of funds at your disposal during medical emergencies.
  • Education requirements – Paying large sums for educational purposes amidst cash strapped is a reality most students and parents live with. A personal loan can be used in cases where a large payment is required to be made. This will help you hold on to your investments and savings while providing you with adequate cash in hand.
  • Travel – No longer considered a luxury, abroad or everyone is enjoying domestic travel options. Personal loans help provide the financial backup needed for your trips, especially during international travel.
  • Renovation of your house – Your ideal home needs no longer to stay a distant dream. Personal loans provide you the convenience to upgrade your interiors, expansion, up-gradation of furniture, or carry out maintenance as required.
  • Marriage – Personal loans are a great way to finance your wedding plans without draining all of your savings. The funds received can help you plan your special day with ease rather than worrying about finances.  
  • Paying for expensive gadgets – Modern devices are evolving rapidly. While they provide convenience, they can also be costly. A personal loan is handy in such situations when you have to make payments for expensive laptops, cell phones, television sets, etc.
  • Small business – If you run a start-up or small enterprise, your urgent monetary requirements can be fulfilled by applying for a personal loan. you can utilize the loan amount to pay staff salaries, buy small equipment or machinery, or acquire a bigger workplace
  • Credit Card and other bill payments – A personal loan can be a lifesaver when paying large bills incurred due to credit card usage or other utilities. You can draw a personal loan for debt consolidation and clear your credit card outstanding or foreclose a previous loan that is now being expensive for you.

Eligibility Criteria for INR 2-lakh personal loan

The loan eligibility criteria broadly remain the same for all financial lenders. However, it is advisable to read all rules and regulations before applying for a 2-lakh loan with your lender of choice. However, the standard and essential requirements are:

  • You have to be a resident of India
  • You must have completed 21 years of age (Indians in the age range of 21 to 60 years can avail of these loans)
  • You are required to have valid identification proof
  • An Indian bank account that is actively registered in your name will be required
  • A strong CIBIL score (greater than 700) is a must
  • You must be financially stable with a regular source of income (you will need to provide proof of income)
  • Valid identity proof and address proof are a must (Aadhar card, pan card, passport, driving license, voter ID, etc.)

Once the eligibility requirements of your lender are met, you can proceed with online verification of critical documents (Loan Application Form, Aadhar & Pan Card, Salary Slips, etc.). Your financial lender requires this process to officially complete and award the loan amount.

How to get a 2-lakh personal loan? Tips to improve your chances of loan eligibility.

  • Work towards decreasing your Debt-to-Income Ratio. Clear out all your outstanding debt as soon as possible.
  • Maintain a perfect credit score and healthy financial practices; a 750 or above CIBIL score is ideal.
  • Identify all your sources of income with complete transparency to prove your ability to repay your 2-lakh loan.
  • To maintain a robust CIBIL score, refrain from applying for multiple loans simultaneously. 
  • Check first and ensure that you fulfill your preferred financial lender’s loan eligibility criteria.
  • Fill out the loan application form carefully and correctly. Discrepancies of any kind could raise suspicion and lower your chances of personal loan approval.

How to get a 2-lakh personal loan – Guidelines to be followed.

If you require a 2-lakh personal loan, the following guidelines will help you apply online for the same.

  1. Visit the financial institution’s website or mobile app and check your eligibility for a personal loan.
  2. Fill out an online loan application form (including your employment and financial details).
  3. Choose the loan options that suit your requirements (details such as payback period, interest rate, etc.).
  4. Upload applicable documents on the website of the lending financial institution.
  5. Once approved, your loan amount will be transferred to your bank account within one working day.

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Whether during an emergency or otherwise, following the above tips will help you apply for a 2-lakh loan in a simple, convenient manner. So visit EarlySalary and apply for an easy personal loan to meet your needs right away!

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Give Your Home an Instant Makeover With a Home Renovation Loan

Highlight – Want to give your home a makeover? A home renovation loan can help you create the home of your dreams.

Fluctuating needs and weathering drives homeowners to revamp their houses from time to time. Remodelling your home not only adds to its aesthetics but also increases its value. Whether you undertake home improvement projects to address regular wear and tear, immediate needs or make your living space more comfortable, you can achieve it without burning a hole in your pocket. Be it adding a patio space, painting the exteriors and interiors, or any other renovation activity, a home improvement loan ensures that your financial cash flow remains stable and strong during the entire project. If you wish to give your house a much-needed makeover or want to extend the home space with an additional room but are falling short of funds, you need not wait for several months and save money to get it done. With easy access to home renovation loans, you can get instant personal loans for home renovation online quickly. With EarlySalary offering online personal loans, you can leverage many convenient options to meet your financial needs for home renovation. You must find the right personal home improvement to get affordable financing and make the most of your borrowing experience. 

What is an Instant Personal Loan?

You can get instant personal loan collateral-free to meet all of your financial requirements for home renovation. Online home loan providers help you complete the entire home loan application process online through a PC or a smartphone. You can check your loan eligibility online and obtain loan approval within a few minutes once your documents are verified. Once you receive your loan approval, you can activate the e-mandate and set up the EMI payments to go out automatically each month. 

Home Improvement Loan and its Types

A home improvement loan is a type of home loan that allows you to avail finances for various needs like home modification, renovation, and refurbishment. While a home loan enables you to buy a home, a home improvement loan allows you to enhance the house you own. Home improvement loans are a low-cost, flexible, and hassle-free way to make your home an enjoyable living space. There are two kinds of home improvement loans – Secured and Unsecured home improvement loans.

Secured Home Improvement Loan

This type of loan uses your home as the guarantee. With this loan, you get a greater loan amount with a fixed interest rate and avail of an extended payback period of 10-15 years. The interest on this type of loan is tax-deductible and depends upon factors such as your health, age, property size, location, and credit rating. 

Unsecured Home Improvement Loan

This kind of loan does not use your house as a guarantee making the venture riskier for the lender. Unsecured home improvement loans are generally smaller, with a higher interest rate, and must be paid back before 10 years. The interest rate on this loan is not tax-deductible and depends upon your credit score. 

Benefits of the EarlySalary Instant Personal Loan for Home Renovation 

Home improvement loans have several advantages that make them a popular choice amongst homeowners. Some of the key benefits of home improvement loans are:


You can utilize home improvement loans for several purposes such as extension, repairs, flooring, painting, and so on. Lenders also do not impose restrictions on the end-use of the loan amount. You can use the qualified amount for any home renovation expenses, including labor, material or transportation. Mostly, loan amounts are approved based on the value of the item used or the renovation proposal. Unlike restrictive loans, personal loans for home improvement offer flexibility on the amount required for purchase. You can also opt to finance only a portion of renovation through liquid funds and the remaining through a flexible mode.


Any homeowner can apply for a personal home renovation loan individually or jointly if many partners own the home. 


The home improvement loan tenure can be up to 15 years with an interest rate on par with the home interest rate. The loan can be either fixed for a specific period or floating over the tenure agreed upon. 

Tax Benefit

A secured home renovation loan will allow you to leverage the tax benefits on the interest portion up to a predefined limit. 

Streamlined Process

Instant personal loans for a home improvement have a smooth, hassle-free process for application and approval. But it would help if you did the essential research and homework to increase your chances of eligibility and approval.  

No Middle Men

One of the main advantages of instant personal home loans is online security and privacy. KYC validations and OTP checks ensure the safety and confidentiality of your personal information. 

Instant Approval

Online documentation, loan approval, and KYC reduce the time taken for the home renovation loan approval. The lending process becomes simplified, and lenders can quickly decide to approve or reject your loan application. 

Good Interest Rate

The personal loan interest rate depends upon several factors. To avail of the best possible loan rates, you must maintain a good credit score and keep your debts within a manageable limit. With a strong track record, you can easily avail yourself of home renovation loans that offer flexibility and a reasonable interest rate.

No Collateral Needed

For secured loans, you will need to provide collateral. You can retain the collateral assets, but the lender will keep the ownership documents. If you cannot repay the loan amount for any reason, the lender will demand a collateral claim. 

Documents required for a Home Improvement Loan

The general documents required for home improvement loan application are:

● Filled out application form.

● Income proof, identity proof, residence proof, and employment proof.

● 3 months bank statement

● Passport photographs


Turn your decoration and renovation ideas into reality, transform your interiors, give your home a complete makeover without worrying about financing. 

Apply for a home renovation loan at EarlySalary to finance your dream home renovation project today!

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5 Must-Have Handbags For Your Wardrobe

Highlight: Girls currently have purses, handbags, and clutches for almost every occasion in their closets. And it’s one of the trendiest things on notice, attaching a status and attitude to your personality. 

Handbags are an essential part of modern women’s lives. Women find it difficult to travel without their handbags. Women’s handbags help transport daily necessities as well as for expressing one’s style. Bags are where women keep their various items such as their phones, keys, money, etc. Our handbag serves as both a valuable and symbolic fashion accessory, indicating to others which tribe we belong to. Handbags are a means of self-expression and a statement of personal style, as well as an entryway to luxury and splendor.

The phrase ‘handbag’ initially originated in the early 1900s, and it referred to men’s hand-carried travel bags in general. This sparked the development of new sorts of purses, which quickly became popular among women. Complicated fasteners, internal pockets, and locks were used on the bags. Handcrafted handbags have progressed from their humble beginnings into beautiful works of art. Today, animal hides, plant fibers, and synthetic materials are manufactured into almost any size, shape, color, or texture. Beads, stones, diamonds, and precious metals are used as design embellishments and opulent ornamentation. Girls currently have purses, handbags, and clutches for almost every occasion in their closets. And it’s one of the trendiest things on notice, attaching a status and attitude to your personality. 

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Five must-have handbags

Tote Bag

Because of the numerous uses for tote bags, they have become a popular alternative to regular shopping/plastic bags. A reusable tote bag is no longer limited to supermarket shopping. They can now be employed in a variety of situations in your daily life. Today’s totes are fashionable, long-lasting, and easy to carry. Tote bags were trendy among cosmopolitan city dwellers in the 1980s. It all began when The Strand, a bookstore that has come to define the New York City experience of grit, innovation, and, of course, massiveness, released its tote design. Tote bags are more significant and untied at the top than most other handbags. Tote bags can be manufactured out of various fabrics and colors.

Hobo bag


Its popularity peaked in the early 2000s when celebrities wore it with anything from velour tracksuits to cocktail dresses. Most hobo bags are constructed of soft leather or another flexible material, giving them a slouchy appearance when worn on your shoulder. It’s a style that works for everyone, regardless of their lifestyle. A hobo bag will hold all you need and more, whether you’re commuting to work or vacationing overseas. These timeless and on-trend handbags are the ideal investment piece for the coming year.

Satchel Bag

The Cambridge Satchel Company, whose product was included in a Guardian gift guide in 2009 and defined as a cross-body bag in a 2010 article, is responsible for much of the satchel’s success as a fashion accessory in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Canada since 2008. A satchel is a strapped bag that was traditionally used to carry books. A satchel’s back extends to form a flap that folds over and fastens in the front to cover the top. A satchel, unlike a briefcase, has soft sides

Clutch Bag


Clutch bags will always be a significant point of attraction at dinner parties and work wonders in the daytime for a modern, minimalistic look. However, we’re seeing a gradual shift to softer silhouettes this year, and this trend will continue through 2021. In the twentieth century, flappers sought bags that didn’t detract from their sleek, coquettish costumes and popular clutches.

During World War II, when ordinary commodities were rationed, the clutch was at its most useful. Clutch bags provide a playful high-low edge to an ensemble by bridging the gap between formal and minimalism. For an unusual traditional touch, wear a clutch bag with straight-leg jeans and an oversized coat, or tuck a pouch-style clutch bag under your arm to pair with a maxi smock dress to double down on the easy-breezy vibes.

Canvas Bag


Canvas textiles have the advantage of being reusable, as opposed to single-use bags, and can hold around five times as much as typical plastic bags. They may also be cleaned if they’re dirty or patched if they’re ripped, and they’ll look brand new again. Canvas isn’t found in its natural state or as a raw material that can be used immediately. Canvas nowadays is commonly made of cotton or linen, but it was initially made of hemp. The texture and thickness of canvas differ from that of other materials. This is because it is created with a plain weave rather than a twill weave. Canvas bags have increased in popularity as environmentally friendly bags over the years. Canvas bags may and are reducing the usage of hazardous plastic bags in the market.

These were five must-have bags that every wardrobe should have. The idea of a purse serving as a sign of power and authority, or even as a weapon, is not new. Margaret Thatcher, the former British prime minister, was infamous for using her bag to reprimand Tory ministers and promote cabinet unity during her time in Downing Street. Every women’s wardrobe has at least three handbags, a medium-sized bag for short business excursions, travel to work or school, and a large bag for lengthy journeys or shopping.

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Fancy all of these bags? EarlySalary is a platform on which you can borrow and repay on super attractive terms! It just takes 10 mins to apply. And you get instant cash transferred to your bank A/C when you want in minutes. 

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Employees Unhappy With Their Benefits Packages? Time To Modernize

Highlight: The global shift in working patterns has propelled organizations to rethink their employee benefits packages. As we approach 2022, businesses must revamp their policies according to the changing lifestyles of the workers.

Employee Benefits Packages are the additional perks given to employees, in addition to their salaries, by organizations to improve employee retention, engagement, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. A robust benefits program is crucial for the success of any organization as happy, and well-satisfied employees form the backbone of any thriving organization. To reiterate the same, a LinkedIn survey showed that 56% of companies faced less employee attrition if they concentrated on their employees’ needs and benefits.

The past two years haven’t been easy on employees. Apart from work, they’ve also had to take care of personal finances, their health, and their family’s health and well-being. On the flip side, the pandemic revealed that our healthcare infrastructure is broken, mental-health assistance is lacking, and many of us are trapped in demanding, inflexible, and burnout-inducing job cultures. 

According to a Microsoft study released in September 2020, 30% of worldwide information and front-line professionals think the epidemic has exacerbated their sense of fatigue at work. Workers have participated in significantly more meetings and managed significantly more inbound chats, including twice as many after-hours communications during their work-from-home pandemic schedules.

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At such a time, employee benefits, particularly those oriented on care, flexibility, and mental health, can be life-changing for employees. Here’s a rundown on five possible ways in which organizations can modernize their benefits programs: 

Flexible Benefits Programs

Flexibility in work schedules is going to be the guiding light for post-pandemic employee perks. Even as the epidemic fades, localized outbreaks that close schools or impose new restrictions on communities could pose issues. Employers who allow employees to work as per their time and place convenience are more likely to be seen positively by current and potential employees.

This flexibility includes offering a variety of benefits to satisfy the requirements of employees and adjusting those benefits when it calls for a change. Replacing an onsite gym with an annual stipend that employees may use to purchase in-home equipment, providing in-person or virtual classes, or creating a personal fitness app for all employees are examples of positive changes. These changes are crucial in increasing employee benefits in today’s virtual workspace. 

Another example of benefits flexibility is allowing employees to work from home at their preferred working hours. Employers who use a hybrid or remote-first approach to work may also wish to consider providing compensation for home-office furniture and supplies.

Mental Well-being of employees

As employers examine post-pandemic employee benefits, mental and behavioral health care need to be prioritized. The immensity of the pandemic, with its attendant stress and isolation, has taken away the stigma connected with seeking mental health treatment, and people have become more eager to seek aid.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression and anxiety cost the global economy $1 trillion in lost productivity each year. However, WHO also discovered that every dollar spent treating common mental health issues results in a $4 return in increased health and productivity. Measures such as: 

  • Including mental health coverage as a part of a health care benefit plan, 
  • Establishing a health-focused savings account to cover offset expenses, and 
  • Having a network of psychiatrists or counselors can always ease the burden on the employees. 

Companies are also starting to use EAPs or Employee Assistance Programs to support workplace mental health. Encouraging increased communication between employers and employees will also ensure the establishment of a safe working environment.

Virtual Health Care

In 2020, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention recorded a 50% rise in virtual visits. This can be undisputedly considered a direct consequence of the pandemic.

The pandemic provided an ideal ground for developing virtual solutions to aid employees’ physical and emotional well-being. Employees can now see a doctor with fewer hurdles using virtual care or help their families with rapid access to solving healthcare concerns, decreasing time away from work and stress around family health.

Investing in virtual care in the workplace also reduces absenteeism. It fosters a healthy, productive work environment. It is imperative to revamp the one-for-all healthcare to virtual care, which is easily accessible and usable.

Paid Time-offs

A Paid Time Off (PTO) policy establishes a pool of days that an employee may use as needed. Considering the strain on employees, companies should tweak their policies regarding PTO as they prepare for a post-pandemic environment.

Employees can rest, relax, and recharge during their paid time off. It’s a crucial part of employee happiness. However, due to work interruptions and the move to remote work, many employees have opted out of using earned PTO in the last year. As a result, many staff may be overworked.

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Encouraging the staff to use the paid time off available will create a sense of trust and good faith among the workforce. After a year of remote work, the piling up of unused PTOs is inevitable. Gentle reminders and creative ways of implementing PTOs will lead to a thriving working experience. It will also increase the productivity of the workers. Allowing employees to know that corporate leadership supports their decision to use their PTO may encourage some hesitant employees to take advantage of this precious time off.

As firms continue to thrive with their extensive global networks and impressive technology, they must not forget the binding force of their companies – the employees. Employee benefits packages might be just another log in the account book on the company’s financial records, but the productivity and well-being of employees rely on it. 

EarlySalary offers exclusive products that cater to the financial health of the employees, thereby ensuring their overall well-being. Visit the EarlySalary website to know more about its innovative line of credit options, salary cards, and an all-in-one suite to solve all your financial woes. 

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The Importance Of EMI Calculator For Getting A Personal Loan

Highlight: Using an EMI calculator is essential before a potential borrower takes out a personal loan. Personal loans are even more accessible now on Early Salary!

A personal loan is a credit instrument that has recently gained a lot of appeals, as it is an unsecured loan. It means you don’t have to submit or pledge any assets as security to get a personal loan

The best part is that the borrowed funds can be used for almost any purpose. Personal loan disbursement is also very quick, usually done within one or two working days after approval.

Whenever you take a personal loan, you need to pay the principal amount and the generated interest. Hence, it’s extremely crucial to accurately calculate your EMI or equated monthly installment before you take up a personal loan to avoid any inefficiencies.

Instead of calculating EMI manually, people have started to use online calculators. A lot of banks provide a free-to-use calculator on their online websites. 

When you use an online calculator, you get an idea of the monthly amount you have to repay during your tenure. This is quite helpful as borrowers get an idea of the influence of the loan on their spending and lifestyle. 

Remember! Interest rates vary from bank to bank. You must compare each interest rate before choosing the loan plan which best suits your long-term goals.

Let us now look at why a personal loan EMI calculator is important and beneficial to potential borrowers.

#1 Helps to Plan Your Personal Budget

Once you have gathered all the information on the due amount, you’ll have to repay monthly, planning the rest of your expenditure and savings becomes much easier. You can also chart out all your pending or future loans and gather an idea about all the EMIs you are due. Knowing about your state of finances in advance is always a good idea.

#2 Loan Tenure

EMI calculators allow you to choose the best-suited tenure plan for your loan. If you decide to pay a significant number of EMIs to reduce the interest rate on a loan, the loan’s tenure will be longer, and vice versa. You can change the loan’s value and number of EMIs to find the most effective loan tenure possible. You can also experiment with different loan amounts and tenure to find out the most convenient plan.

#3 Assured healthy credit rating

Prior knowledge of your financial statement will always help you maintain a good credit score. If you know all of your EMIs beforehand, chances of missing out on repayment of the loan amount are slim. This is important as avoiding a poor credit rating is very crucial.

On the other hand, you have to enter your credit rating on the calculator before it provides you with a figure. If it’s bad, then you have to pay increased interest rates. Improve your credit scores in this case.

#4 Interest Rates

The interest you must pay should be the first thing to check out when taking a personal loan. Rates of interest vary depending on the tenure of the loan and the EMI. The calculator makes your job significantly easier by allowing you to choose and test out with different values till you get the best rates suited for you.

#5 Eligibility and Accuracy

The calculator will let you know whether you are eligible for the loan or not based on the information you provide. The formula that will be used on the calculator varies from loan to loan. You may not be aware, but different formulae are used to calculate different sorts of loans. As a result, you won’t have to worry about manually calculating it or wondering if the correct formula was applied. Hence, all the calculations are accurate.

#6 Accessibility

EMI calculators are easily accessible and easy to use as they are online. Customizing the calculator based on your preferences and comparing the different combinations of interest rates and tenure to choose your perfect plan makes the whole process very appealing.

Taking out a personal loan for all your expenses, be it shopping, traveling or education is now even more convenient with EarlySalary. With fast disbursal and no prepayment charges, you don’t have to worry about your budget anymore. To be on the safer side though, opt for an EMI calculator to experience a seamless loan tenure!

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