Save Yourself from Debt This New Year Shopping Season

Another year has gone by and ’tis finally the season to be jolly. It is that time of the year again when people buy gifts for loved ones and also make important purchases for themselves that they may have been putting off for later this entire year. Stores are decked with holly, tinsel, and holiday wreaths as they gear up for Christmas and New Year sales. But for customers, this also means spending a lot of money, oftentimes too much to fit into our budget. So what are the best ways to save yourself from debt this festival shopping season? Let’s have a look.

#1 Plan out a Budget

This not only includes making a list of all essential purchases but also estimating how much money you would need for the shopping. Compare this with how much money you can afford to spend and how much you can feasibly borrow without going to a large debt. 

#2 Look out for the Best Deals of the Festival Shopping Season

Pretty much every store puts up Christmas and New Year sales and exclusive deals during this season. For example, the e-commerce giant Flipkart is offering a 10% instant discount on SBI credit cards and in addition to various other product-specific discounts. Amazon too is offering 10% instant discounts on HDFC bank cards. 

E-commerce websites also offer no-cost or low-cost EMI options that can help customers pay over a longer period. For some gadgets and appliances, there are exchange offers available that can help lower the costs if you exchange your old gadget for the same, provided all conditions are met. Moreover, online wallets such as PayTM are also offering cashback and discounts on various purchases if payment is made via these wallets. 

#3 Compare Prices

The same product may not cost the same in all stores. Therefore, comparing prices across all major stores is a good way to get them at the lowest price. While comparing prices, also factor in the discounts and cashback offers available due to the payment methods. Keeping track of these prices and offers can help customers reduce the overall cost of their purchases.

#4 Redeem Reward Points

Many stores offer loyalty points or reward points that can be used for future purchases. Reward points are also offered in many credit cards and debit cards which can be redeemed for various offers such as Amazon or Flipkart gift cards or mobile recharges. Make sure to make use of these while they are still within their validity period.

#5 Explore Instant Credit Options

Instant credit options such as EarlySalary offer a great way to get hassle-free and affordable credit via an online application process. EarlySalary also has special personal loans such as shopping loans for Amazon and Flipkart. There are low-cost EMI options available and repayment options are flexible, allowing customers to make purchases while the festival shopping season discounts still last. EarlySalary users may also have access to exclusive discounts during the Amazon sale.


Like everything else, the holiday shopping season also requires adequate planning if one intends to manage their finances well and not fall into debt. And the end of the year is the perfect time to jot down your financial plans. After taking all these steps to save big during the sales, customers must still keep a record of the same and compare it with the budget initially planned. Analyzing your savings will also help you to figure out what worked and what did not and consequently help you make better shopping decisions in the future as well.

How To Use Personal Loans To Build Your Credit Score

Financial planning is a crucial aspect of our lives often overlooked due to busy schedules or if we don’t know the importance of financial management in the first place. An important component is having a healthy credit score, and building one can often be challenging for people who are already in debt. Using personal loans to build a credit score might sound a bit counter-intuitive, but it is one of the most popular and fastest ways to build it and improve your credit history. Here’s how you can use personal loan to build your credit score quickly and consistently!

1.Consolidate any debt you might have

One of the most common yet strategic ways to use quick personal loans to build your credit score is by consolidating your existing debts. This is a good way to pay them off and save yourself some money. 

For example, if you have four credit cards with an outstanding balance in each of them, you’re making four payments with different interest rates each month. However, when you take an online personal loan, you can pay off those four outstanding amounts at once and switch to one single repayment channel, which is always better than four. This can help you save a considerable amount of money in the process. This is because companies such as EarlySalary, which provide these quick personal loans, often have lower interest rates than credit cards. 

2. Use a credit-building loan 

It might sound paradoxical, but hear us out! You can build your credit score through a credit-building loan. This is essentially a loan for which you make pre-determined and fixed payments on a monthly loan. 

This payment is made toward the amount of the loan and once you’ve paid everything along with the interest, you get your funding. It might sound a little counter-intuitive since you don’t get access to your borrowed amount until you’ve paid it off. However, that is one of the few reasons why it is so successful. You build your credit score through monthly payments and in the end, there is a sweet reward waiting for you. This is in the form of a savings account with the amount of the loan in it! 

3. Build a credible payment history

Another easy and effective way to use online personal loans to build your credit score is by repaying these personal loans on time. When you pay off your quick personal loan’s EMIs on time and within the deadline, it makes your payment history strong and credible. It will definitely reflect positively on your credit score evaluation and calculation. Moreover, ensure that you pay the full monthly installment to build your credit score consistently.

Factors to keep in mind

While these tricks and methods sound too good to be true, they come with a set of conditions and precautions you must take to ensure a smooth, hassle-free credit score building experience. Here are some factors you should keep in mind if you’re using online personal loans to build your credit score!

  1. One loan at a time

If you’re taking out an online personal loan through a trusted provider such as EarlySalary, make sure you only take one at a time. The number of loans you take in a fixed duration should be limited and as minimum as possible. Choose loan providers with low-interest rates and easy repayments to ensure you have a seamless experience. 

2. Beware of mounting debt

You must beware of mounting additional and unnecessary debt if you’re taking quick personal loans to build your credit score. Avoid unavoidable risks and debt and choose a personal loan that suits your needs without adding further to your debt. Moreover, try to switch over from a bad form of credit, such as a high-interest credit card, to an alternative that can act as a good credit source. 

3. Be prepared for any inquiries

Building your credit score with the use of online personal loans comes with its own set of risks and you need to be prepared just in case you run into some hard inquiries. Potential lenders can issue a hard inquiry into your credit history, and hence, you should always choose trusted loan providers such as EarlySalary that provide quick personal loans without any hassles or delays.

4. Decide the amount wisely 

Finally, decide the personal loan amount wisely, and don’t apply for an unreasonably high amount. Remember that you have to repay it, and it should reflect positively in your credit history and score. If you take out a quick personal loan that’s too high, repayments can be tough and stressful. Hence, plan out your loan amount wisely to ensure that you don’t run into any roadblocks while building your credit score.

EarlySalary, one of the leading online personal loan providing platforms in India, has flexible and minimal eligibility criteria. You can apply for a quick personal loan through your smartphone and start building your credit score right away!

Indians, it’s time we considered a credit suite

In the recent past, the way we deal with finances has gone under major overhauling, especially in India. A considerable portion of that can be attributed to the continuous change in the FinTech sector specifically. Be it the increasing popularity of NBFCs, virtual banking, or new and innovative financial services being available remotely with next to no paperwork. The next in line in these innovations is the introduction of a credit suite.

What exactly is a credit suite? And why do we need it? 

Simply put, a credit suite is a comprehensive digital credit solution for the users. With the finance sector becoming more and more consumer-centric, a credit suite is exactly what we need.

India’s banking sector was plagued with notions of lengthy paperwork and complicated approval procedure for loans, lots of technical requirements, and endless compliances. This made getting credit in India a very lengthy affair. In addition to this, there were endless guidelines issued by various regulatory authorities like SEBI and RBI, which made it even more tricky. For instance, the Reserve Bank of India mandated evaluating credit scores before approval of any loan by the Bank. 

However, with the changes brought about by the development of the Fintech sector, a lot of these problems have been catered to. For instance, instant personal loans could be approved by NBFCs. Or, now you could even avail a loan with a bad or no credit score.  

Despite all this development, there is still no comprehensive solution to all the problems posed by India’s traditional banking sector. This is exactly where a credit suite steps in—providing for a one-stop solution for the consumer’s credit needs, especially the salaried professional. 

The focus is on salaried professionals because they are a huge proportion of India’s total workforce (almost 23% in the year 2017, net figure around 2.62 crores). Additionally,  also owing to the corporate culture and ever-increasing needs, they often avail personal loans to fulfill their needs and aspirations: be it for the dream holiday, the dream house, or the car you always wanted to own.  

What does a credit suite provide for?

On its 5th anniversary, EarlySalary announced the first of its kind credit suite to suit the Indian audience. Being marketed as a one-stop solution for any salaried individual for all his or her credit needs, EarlySalary is all set to transform the digital credit market. With a bundle of pathbreaking services rolled into one, the EarlySalary credit suite packs a punch. 
Here’s what all it includes:

  • Easy access to loan and instant disbursement

It offers short term loans, ranging from 80,000 to 5 lacs, at the click of a button. The money directly gets transferred to your bank account upon instant approval of the loan and is secured by the PCI DSS App to make it instant as well as secure. In addition to this, there is no bar to use them for any purpose and hence offers enough flexibility to use them for a varied purpose like a holiday, wedding or any other life experience. Hence, these instant personal loans from Early salary are better than the ones from a traditional bank on almost all accounts. 

To know more about how to get personal loans from EarlySalary, click here.  

  • Salary advances

Another popular option with salaried professionals is that of Salary advances. An app based salary advance has many benefits: it is quick, easy, and hassle-free to get and has no impact on your credit score. As opposed to a personal loan, it is a much better option owing to the low-interest rate, flexible repayment option, and no paperwork.

  • Salary card

EarlySalary, in collaboration with RuPay, launched the first of its kind virtual card, which mimics a credit card but is actually contained in the App. It offers flexibility to the user to decide the credit limit and repayment option and is entirely contact-less, which is a bane during the COVID times. In many ways, it is much better than a regular credit card. To know more, click here

  • Buy on EMI option

Available across all online shopping platforms, you can choose to buy anything you want and choose to repay it in a 3 or 6 month instalment option with EarlySalary

  • Free Credit Score facility

Knowing your credit score is very important for making any major financial decision and hence plays a crucial role.  So, you can know your credit score for free from the EarlySalary app. 

Liberate Yourself, Financially

At EarlySalary, we have been a market leader in the digital credit solution sector and continue to serve more than 5 lac customers with our unique and hassle-free services. With the credit suite’s introduction, we are bringing about yet another change that can transform everyone’s digital credit experience. So, join us and be a part of this change. 

Feel free to contact us for any questions on credit, loans, and your instant cash needs! We’re listening all day on:

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Download the EarlySalary app here, or log in to our website and be a part of the #OneSmallStep experience.

The Top 5 Incentives for Organisations Implementing Financial Wellness

As millions of people face job loss or steep pay cuts, the Covid-19 pandemic and the disruptions caused to economies around the globe will pose a new challenge to economic planners. This also contributes to the massive destruction of demand across industries, especially in sectors such as hospitality, tourism, and aviation, among others.

Unfortunately, financial well-being is not something usually taken into consideration when planning a workplace well-being program. Fortunately, that’s been changing.

Financial well-being, and how it affects work environments

Financial well-being inculcates the expertise and knowledge required to handle personal finances in a balanced and safe manner. Positive financial well-being contributes to a greater sense of trust and security of an employee in their financial position and positively impacts mental health, reduces financial stressors, and improves their quality of life.  

  • Productivity: Stressors stemming from economic issues have caused employees to be unproductive during office hours, affecting their productivity to a great extent. 
  • Mental Well-being: As a direct link, it is essential to remember that most adults with debt problems have also reported a decline in mental health. 

How do employers profit from their employees’ financial well-being?

Employers should encourage and endorse a positive workplace by investing in a financial wellness program for their employees, which has many advantages, especially in increasing productivity and retaining employees. Some of these include:


Lower absenteeism, less external distractions, equals less time spent handling personal financial issues at work. All this amounts to improved productivity levels among employees.
Although an increase in wages and adding benefits are of great help to workers, it is of higher importance to their well-being to be encouraged to realise the value of ensuring they are using all the financial resources available to them efficiently.
Employees feel valued and cared for when they trust the company they work for and the independent experts they make available to them, enhancing staff satisfaction. The number of days lost due to coping with financial worries will significantly decrease with on-site workshops and consultations available. 

Retention of Workers

One of the primary priorities for many HR departments is employee retention, and one way to promote this is financial well-being. Employees who think their issues are being taken care of by their employers are more likely to stay loyal to the organisation.
There is hope that providing employees with financial health services will help with the problems brought on by financial hardship. Employers also reap the advantage of creating a happier, healthier, and more efficient workforce by introducing financial wellness programs. 
While employers recognise the value of combating financial stress among workers, these need to result in actual initiatives that benefit employees. It’s time to lift the bar on employers to take care of their employees’ financial well-being.

Challenges faced unique to Millennials

Millennials have unprecedented debt today. The lack of jobs and lower starting wages resulting from the 2008 recession and consequent slow economic growth have decreased the Millennial worker’s income potential.  Millennials are also worried about how much they can save for retirement. It’s possible to make a job offer more enticing to millennials with benefits that promote financial literacy and prosperity. It is not enough to have conventional pension benefits; few millennials intend to remain long enough with one company to take advantage of them. 
However, employee-centric benefits that show an employer’s willingness to support their employee’s personal growth are key factors that attract millennials.

Companies with impactful wellness programs

Although employee-centric financial wellness programs in the workplace are nothing new, they have grown immensely over the past few years.

  1. Accenture cares for its workers’ mindfulness. The consultant company provides employee assistance services that provide confidential treatment for stress, drug addiction, anxiety, and depression. The creative wellness program of Accenture encourages workers to set targets and provides incentives for performing healthy ventures. They also provide exclusive prices and deductions for gyms and wellness centres. They have also developed an online fitness app so that workers can work out at any time.
  1. Second, Google’s campus provides a wellness program with on-site health professionals, including physicians, physical therapy, chiropractic and massage facilities, access to gym centres, workshops, and group bikes. By taking cooking courses, coding degree programs, or guitar lessons, you can also choose new skills, to name a few of the exciting classes Google offers. 

Google also provides financial health resources for its staff, for example, financial counsellors and facilities for financial planning. They also provide flexible hours, and holiday time is provided to staff, helping Googlers have a proper balance.

Visit the EarlySalary app to read more about financial wellness.

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Avoid A Financial Hangover This Christmas

Christmas is a joyous occasion that can be the most memorable time of the year. And everyone would naturally want to avoid a financial hangover during this festive occasion. It’s for times like that that EarlySalary aims to change the way personal loans and instant loans work in India. A mobile app that brings together new credit scoring systems for premium customer profiling, EarlySalary can be a compelling solution to avoid a financial downturn during festivities. 
By enabling you to take an instant loan whenever and wherever possible.
The Earlysalary app provides a system for instant loans, credit lines, and interest-free EMIs. Its operation rests on a unique algorithm that combines traditional credit scoring with new social and online scoring technology-linked risk assessment concepts, and it takes only a few minutes. The personal loan amount is debited into the applicant’s bank account on the same day whenever/wherever possible. 

EarlySalary offers affordable personal loans to salaried employees at an EMI as low as  INR 9 per day.  Thus, people will be able to dodge a financial downturn during a momentous occasion like Christmas. It enables Indian users to borrow money for urgent cash requirements. Probably fair to say that it’s a blessing in disguise during festivals like Christmas, Diwali, etc., which come with their own set of extra expenditures. It aims to help individuals who face month-end and mid-month financial crises by providing small loans and instant loans until they receive their salaries.

People who use this application can log in through their Facebook accounts, specify the amount they require as a personal loan and a date by which they can repay it, submit the necessary documents, and get the money credited to their bank accounts whenever/wherever possible. EarlySalary offers loans between INR 1,000 and INR 100,000 with payback terms ranging from 7 to 50 days.

Here are a few of its advantages:

  1. Customers have access to quick personal loan funds for any financial emergencies until their next salary arrives. 
  2. The credit application process of this scheme is simple, transparent, and can be done without any hassle.
  3. Under this scheme,  borrowers provide minimum documentation for their application to be approved.
  4. There is a provision for taking the personal loan through the user-friendly mobile application provided by EarlySalary.
  5. This credit is offered to salaried employees, self-employed individuals, and corporate employers after they’ve exhausted their monthly salary. 
  6. The advances in credit under this scheme are offered at low-interest rates.
  7. There are no early repayment fees applicable to the loan.
  8. The whole process starting from application to repayment is secure, and there’s no chance for fraudulent activities.
  9. The process is free of tedious paperwork, thus making it time-saving.

Criteria to be eligible for loans provided by Earlysalary:

  1. You must be a salaried Indian Citizen and should be at least 21 years old.
  2. You must provide the following essential documents: a PAN card, Aadhar Card/Driver’s License, or Passport.
  3. You must have a bank statement of the salary account for the past 3 months

Here’s a complete guide for you to avoid a financial crisis during Christmas:

To avail any instant loan option, you need to visit the company’s official homepage and click on the icon which says, ‘Instant Salary Advance.’ After this step, you need to click on ‘Read More,’ which will redirect you to a new page. You can then hit the ‘Start Your Application’ button to begin the application process for the personal loan as a whole.

Soon after, you are directed to a new window that will ask you to enter your mobile number, and then you can agree to the terms and conditions laid out and click on ‘Sign Up.’ EarlySalary sends an OTP or a one-time password on your number for verification. Once this is done, the application will ask to fill up personal, professional, and bank account details. Earlysalary will then send a link for downloading the application on your mobile phone after submitting it.  It can then be downloaded using the link or from the App Store for iOS devices.

Based on your social score and documents, your instant loan eligibility will be calculated and informed by the company. Soon, a representative of the company will arrive at your doorstep for signatures, and finally, the funds for the personal loan are transferred electronically to your bank accounts. Earlysalary makes it easy to get an instant loan as quickly as possible. 
With just a well packaged instant loan application, EarlySalary has frankly changed the entire credit landscape of taking and applying for instant loans and making it more straightforward for Indians.

Practice Self-care When Stressed On Budget

Mental health is gaining momentum and is being talked about extensively, thanks to social media and other platforms that provide a suitable space for such discussions. Stress and work tension are two of the most common problems which have negative long-term effects on our bodies. These include sleep problems, constant fatigue, and overall health deterioration. Thus, it’s crucial to practice self-care, which is one of the many ways to combat stress. 

Self-care is more often than not, equated to lavish splurges on manicures/pedicures, professional massages, and fancy spas. However, this is not what self-care is limited to. There are quite a few things on this carefully curated list for you to relax after work hours. The best part? All of them are either free or very low cost!

Self-care can be categorized into two broad categories- physical and emotional. Let’s look at each of them in detail.

Physical Self-care


There are countless benefits to exercising. From increased oxygen intake and better air circulation to burning calories and fat, exercising has a plethora of health benefits. There’s also scientific proof that exercise has positive effects on your mental health. Sometimes, however, it can be difficult to do a full-blown workout. Going for a walk or a jog can be equally beneficial in that case. Your muscles need to move from time to time. They are bound to get rigid and cause body pain otherwise. Don’t hesitate to start small, and remember that consistency is key. Even if it’s just for 10 minutes, try to exercise or walk every day. 


Getting adequate quality sleep is essential for a happy and healthy life. Going to bed late and waking up late has become the new normal now and people stay up past midnight, thanks to inconsistent sleeping patterns. Making sleep your priority can help you live a longer and healthier life. 

Make sure you don’t look at screens before bedtime and wear comfortable clothes to bed. If you have trouble falling asleep, try making your room quieter and darker and put on some white noise (raindrops or fireplace or ocean sounds). Some people also take a hot bath or a shower right before they go to bed for a sounder sleep! 

Food and Fluids

People often binge-eat when they’re stressed. The worst part? They binge on unhealthy snacks which can have seriously harmful effects on the body. Try to have a balanced diet

There are a lot of dieticians who can customize and prepare a diet plan for you. Consume enough vitamin B, which can be found in whole grains, dairy products, etc., and Vitamin C rich foods like citrus fruits. Whenever you crave a snack, opt for chopped up fruits, they’re equally delicious!

Emotional Self-care


Meditation has a series of physical and mental health benefits. It reduces your stress levels, improves sleep schedule, and is also known to alleviate anxiety and depression. It’s very easy to do even if you have a  busy schedule. Spare 10 minutes in the morning every day to make your day at least 10 times better. 

Meditating before going to bed can help you fall asleep faster too. If you have trouble focusing during meditation, just concentrate on your breathing – how you inhale and exhale.


Grabbing your favorite book and cozying up in your bed can instantly improve your mood. Some people have a habit of reading when they’re taking a bath, which can be extremely relaxing as well. If you’re not a reader, it just means that you haven’t come across a book that appeals to you yet. Start small and get into the habit of reading. You’ll discover that it’s a therapeutic and immersive experience!


Sharing your feelings with your close friends and family can instantly reduce the intensity of the overwhelming emotions that you have. Even if you don’t arrive at a definitive solution, you’ll feel better after just talking about it. Go out for a cup of coffee with a friend or a nice relaxing dinner with your partner! 

Digital detox

All of us spend a significant amount of time on social media. So much so that it has become the only thing we do during our free time. Taking time off of social media can have some highly noticeable changes in your moods. Spend no more than an hour on social media. If everything feels stressful, stay away from social media for a week or more. 

This can contribute immensely to your emotional well being. There are various pieces of research on the time people spend on social media, how much it affects them, and how beneficial a digital detox is. 


When your thoughts seem too cluttered, writing them down can help bring you so much clarity and improve your thought process. If you’re feeling sad, happy, overwhelmed, or stressed, write it down. Journaling can significantly improve your mood and de-clutter your mind. Journals can also act as friends for introverted people, and help with self-introspection.

Miscellaneous Self-care Practices

Here are some things to do when you’re feeling a little stressed and want to relax and unwind!

  • Make DIY face masks at home that rejuvenate your skin. You don’t have to spend a fortune in buying face masks that ultimately use the same things you find in your home. Here are some homemade DIY face masks you can try.
  • Cozying up on your couch and putting on your favorite heartwarming movie/show can put you in a better mood instantly. You can also have karaoke nights with your family to have some fun. Here’s a list of heartwarming movies that you can watch.
  • Going out with your family on picnics can be an amazing alternative to visiting an expensive resort. It can help you cut down on costs and is guaranteed to help brighten your mood.

Self-care enables you to replenish physical and emotional energy to help you focus better on your job, family, etc. and money should not be a hindrance to it. However, if you do want to treat yourself to expensive self-care products and services, you can avail the instant shopping loans provided by EarlySalary and repay them whenever you can, in easy installments!

What Are Your Last-Minute Funding Options For Medical Emergencies?

Most people rely on health insurance as a funding option when medical emergencies occur. However, a great deal of the Indian population is still uninsured. A staggering 998 million Indians (75% of the country’s population) – more than the population of Europe – are uninsured. Thus, there arises a need to know about alternative funding options to get important medical treatments done. 
Whenever a medical emergency arises, your first and foremost priority should be getting yourself or your loved one treated. Money can often be a hindrance to this. If the sick person is the breadwinner of the family, the family will likely fall into financial distress. To avoid this, it’s important to be prepared for such situations. Here are some last-minute funding options if and when a medical emergency arises.

Health insurance can be inadequate

Health insurance policies are of great help but come with a long list of rules and clauses. There are several situations where your health insurance might not aid your cause. Your request for cashless pre-authorization might get rejected in the hospital you choose to go to. The disease might fall on the exclusion list of the policy. 
Even if the disease is covered, the amount in itself might not be sufficient. It is, therefore, advisable to know what other funding options you can go for when it comes to medical emergencies. 

Borrow from another investment

If you have some extra money to your name, but it’s part of another existing investment, don’t hesitate to borrow some for your medical emergencies. These might include your retirement savings, or your savings to buy a house or a car, or anything of that sort. 
Yes, these investment plans might take a hit, but you need to be in good health to enjoy the fruits of these investments in the first place. It’s also crucial to know which investments to borrow the money from. In a hurry, it might not be feasible to analyse which investments you can optimally borrow from. Financially planning ahead and creating a spreadsheet based on liquidity can be a lifesaver.
Sometimes, there might arise a situation where the treatment costs exceed the investment amounts. This is where the following funding options come in handy.

Credit card payments

One of the most obvious emergency funding options is undoubtedly using a credit card. If the amount is well within your affordability range, then you don’t have to worry, as you can easily pay it off within the next billing cycle. If the amount is significant, you can go for EMI repayment schemes if the interest charged is reasonable. 
However, in the case of credit cards, the processing fee and the interest rate is often extremely high. Therefore, it’s advisable to use the free credit period to look for low-cost loan options. If your credit limit is low, you might fall short of funds. 

Ask family and friends

Nobody likes to seek financial help, but it’s okay to do so. If you have friends or family members close to you, they’ll be more than happy to help you when you’re in need more often than not, especially if it’s a medical emergency. It’s important to give them the comfort and freedom to say no and understand if they do, however. Asking for money in person instead of doing it virtually through screens is advised. 
Also make sure to show them your gratitude by taking them out for dinner for instance, apart from merely repaying them.
If you want to be self-reliant and this solution is not for you, don’t worry. There are other options to go for too.

FinTech solutions

For those of you who don’t know, FinTech stands for “Financial Technology” and might probably be the best funding solution when it comes to medical emergencies. You can avail medical loans online and they can be extremely useful. Organisations like EarlySalary can provide you with instant medical loan facilities without any complex procedures. The process is as simple as downloading the app, completing your KYC, and you can avail instant loans. Why EarlySalary? Read here.
If you are a returning customer, with a pre-approved KYC, the process becomes quicker, and loans can be availed within minutes, ensuring that you have everything you need to take care of any medical emergency. What’s more, the interest, for as low as INR 9 a day, is significantly lesser than the rates charged by credit card companies, which makes this the most viable funding option. You don’t even need a credit history to be approved for instant medical loans from EarlySalary.

It is advised to always have enough funds to face a medical emergency. But in case you don’t have sufficient funds, you need to be prepared and have an action plan ready, to not waste time during the emergency. 
At EarlySalary, the needs of our customers are our top priority, and you can be assured that we will continue to have your back. It is advised that you don’t wait until an emergency occurs to submit your KYC documents, so go ahead, download the app now, and make yourself eligible for Quick loans, any time and anywhere!

Will 2021 See The Return of Vacations? You Might Want To Be Financially Prepared

With the COVID 19 pandemic hitting us out of nowhere in early this year itself, all our plans for 2020 went down the drain. Most of us have been stuck at home for the majority of this year, and it feels like a new beginning for many things. Even though the COVID 19 pandemic is far from being over, economies are opening up, and a short vacation seems like a possibility, even if not an extended excursion is not probable. 
However, the COVID 19 pandemic has brought us several unprecedented challenges regarding planning a vacation. Apart from all the generic planning that goes into making a perfect vacation plan, you have to consider several other problems and challenges that have arisen in the post COVID 19 times.

Things to consider before taking a vacation in 2021

In order to be financially ready for any sort of vacation in 2021, one must plan wisely and take into account the following factors while planning their vacation:

– Choose your travel destination wisely

In order to strike the perfect balance, keeping in view your health and budget, it is important to choose your travel destination wisely. While many places in India and even in other countries have stringent regulations in place as far as tourism goes, some places have started offering financial assistance in the form of allowance, waivers, etc., to the travellers to promote tourism in their region. For instance, the Uttarakhand Tourism Ministry started giving the tourist incentive coupon to encourage tourism to their state.  

So, you can plan your vacation in such a destination that has relaxed COVID 19 restrictions and may even offer you some sort of financial assistance while you enjoy your vacation. 

– Pre-plan your trip and make use of online offers

Apart from the government’s incentives, many travel experience curating websites and apps also offer accommodations at slashed prices and cheap travel tickets. By planning your vacation ahead of time, you can save a lot of money by pre-booking all your travel essentials. You should also spend a little extra and buy tickets or hotel rooms which offer a full refund in case of cancellation. Since these are uncertain times, this way you won’t lose all your money should you choose to cancel or reschedule. 
Check out your blog for more tips on being a tech-savvy traveller and saving money while planning your dream vacation.

– Review your saving strategy

While you pre-plan your vacation, you should also review your finances and draw a budget for your vacation. This will help avoid a lot of financial stress at the time of actually taking the vacation. For the next few months, you can even devise a saving strategy that may involve small cuts in unnecessary expenditures like online shopping or ordering in food. 
You can even decide to earmark a certain proportion of your salary from every month in the future, specifically for your travel plans. The money saved like this can be utilised specifically for your vacation plan.  

– Travel insurance

One of the things that the COVID 19 outbreak made us realise the importance of is travel insurance. Travel insurance is easily one of the most important things to consider while planning a vacation in the post-COVID 19 times, yet it is usually the most overlooked aspect. Many people realised its importance while being stuck due to the lockdown imposed in all parts of the world. 
In the post-COVID 19 times, make sure that you make your travel plans by taking adequate travel insurance (which specifically covers contingencies arising due to COVID 19) because of several reasons such as the possibility of being stuck at your travel location for extra days due to emergency situations or even shaky airline services, among other reasons.

– Have an emergency or contingency fund in place

While it is prudent to have a travel budget and to stick to it while planning your vacation, always make some squiggle room for emergency expenditures you may have to incur, especially in uncertain times like these. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, most of the travel and hospitality services are still not operating normally, and that can make your travel budget go haywire. 
In case you don’t have spare cash at hand, you can even think about getting a travel loan to cover such contingencies. There are several benefits of availing instant travel loans.

Parting Thoughts

Planning a vacation for 2021 can be exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. At EarlySalary, we can make your travel budgeting easy and make your dream vacation come true, even in such rocky times. With our partnership with MakeMyTrip, we can make your travel planning easier for you. Click here and take the first step towards achieving your travel goals. 
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Ultimate Hacks To Manage Wedding Finances

Your wedding is probably one of the most memorable days of your life, but it doesn’t have to be the most expensive one. The hard work, time, and money put into the process of wedding planning are unparalleled. From liaising with various vendors to inviting the guests, to keeping track of the budget range, which don’t even cut half of what goes into a wedding, can be extremely taxing. Wedding planning takes a total of over 120 hours on an average. On top of this, you never know when an unexpected expense might arise. If you plan your wedding finances properly, you’d know exactly where to avail an instant wedding loan from, like the ones offered at EarlySalary.

A little bit of financial planning ahead of the big day will ensure that you don’t have to spend a fortune and prevent you from a lot of unexpected expenditure. Here are some tips to plan your wedding finances better.

Shop off-season

All commodities are extremely expensive when they are in high demand. Therefore, buying things off-season is a wise decision to make. For example, buying winter clothes during spring would save you a lot of money than buying them in-season. 
Similarly, buying wedding clothes or jewellery well before spring can save you a lot of money because the wedding season extends from late spring and continues through early fall when they’re twice as expensive. It is imperative to adhere to this wedding planning hack, and take advantage of the seasonal price variance.

Hire novice photographers and florists

Wedding photographers that have a high demand in the market are usually very expensive to hire for special occasions. Novice photographers who are just starting out often have good skills in the same field and are better at making sure that your wedding finances have a bit of leeway to cover some other unexpected needs, should they arise. 
Similarly, hiring florists that have just started out can save you a huge amount of money too. However, make sure to check for the quality of their work before hiring. On top of making your wedding planning easier, you’ll also have the additional satisfaction of supporting small businesses.

Keep invitation cards simple

Traditionally, a lot of time and resources spent during wedding planning, goes into the grandeur of the invitation cards. Most guests don’t keep wedding invitation cards beyond the day of the wedding, so there’s no point in going for a posh design. However, if you do want to frame your invitation, it’s a good idea to print very few grand ones for your closest friends and family, and have one framed as memorabilia.
Printing wedding invitations is expensive in itself, let alone printing intricate ones. Planning the number of wedding invitations can be crucial to cut down costs, which can be further cut down by going for digital printing instead of letterpress.

One spot for both the wedding and the reception

Having a single location for both your wedding and the reception can help you manage your wedding finances better. Not only do you cut down on rent, but also the transportation costs to accommodate guest travel to the reception place. 
You can also use the same decor with slight modifications instead of going for an entirely new and different one. If you need a decor vibe change, go for different lights, since receptions are usually done post dusk.

Choose a less popular wedding date

Another good wedding planning hack is to fix your wedding date so that it’s on a weekday, off-season. This can be a huge money-saver since wedding finances skyrocket on Saturdays in the wedding season. 
Make sure you choose your wedding date properly to avoid unnecessary expenses. Planning to get married on a weekday implies fewer guests who would attend, meaning that your catering costs are going to be cut down.  However, make sure that your wedding planning also accounts for the availability of your near and dear, before you choose a date.

Have a minimalist wedding

Most people think their wedding has to be ostentatious and grand to be memorable. However, a minimalistic wedding can be just as fun and charming if you plan it right. 
Moreover, cutting down on your wedding finances and investing in a lavish honeymoon, or travelling the world is an arguably better option. You can also invite fewer guests to keep the ceremony intimate and private. Why not spend the money you spend on others, on yourselves?
If you’re someone looking for quick and easy loans for superior wedding planning,  there are various wedding loan options available online, like the ones we provide at EarlySalary, to help lift the burden off your shoulders. We care for you and want to make your dreams come true. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a wedding loan and have the wedding of your dreams!

What Does It Take To Build A Revolutionary New Financial Product For Everyone?

The IDC report stated a very interesting possibility of digital payments overtaking cash by 2022 in India. All of us are well aware of the fact that the young Indian population is tech-savvy and is ready to embrace fintech like never before. The fintech scene has witnessed a digital and consumer revolution in post-pandemic India as well. 

Touted to be of worth USD 31 billion this year, the Indian fintech sector’s phenomenal growth has brought quite a few challenges in its wake: 

  • Firstly, about 20% of the citizens in India are still unbanked. 
  • Secondly, the earlier fintech developments had been more technology-driven rather than bringing in some kind of financial innovation. 

As such, consumers were lost in the complex net banking and other such solutions that were more of a hassle than a reprieve. There was a dire need for a financial product that simplified processes via tech and AI. During the lockdown period of 6 months, The adage of ‘Never let the good crisis go to waste’ became the mantra of the team at EarlySalary to focus their attention on a single solution serving most of the financial needs of its customers.
Let’s look at what it takes to build a revolutionary financial product for everyone at EarlySalary.     

EarlySalary’s journey and the launch of EarlySalary Suite

Since its inception 5 years ago, EarlySalary has made its mission to financially include the underserved and unbanked via its intuitive and user-friendly financial services. It is one of the leading fintech companies in India with 1.7 million loans disbursed to date. EarlySalary understands the nerve of salaried employees and their pain points. 
Traditional financial institutions have since long drastically failed to meet the short-term credit requirements of the salaried class. EarlySalary, through its tailored products such as instant loans and salary advances, has helped millions of people to bridge temporary pay gaps, finance travel, education, marriage, and other such needs and help them shop with ease.
The team at EarlySalary monitored their customers’ financial habits and meticulously researched the markets, products and opportunities to design products according to the expectations and choices of their customers post the pandemic. 
From a single product, EarlySalary has risen beyond expectations to provide a comprehensive and multidimensional credit solution portfolio for digital-first Indian consumers ‘EarlySalary Credit Suite’. 

EarlySalary Credit Suite

Finding a product that solves all your financial worries in a single frame could be called a farfetched idea before EarlySalary introduced its Credit Suite. Not now, though. Akshay Mehrotra, cofounder and CEO of EarlySalary says, “As we evolve and mature as a company, we realised the need to cater to a varied set of consumer needs ranging from a short term loan to a long term personal loan, from enabling credit to providing a Buy on EMI option, we decided to build a comprehensive credit portfolio which allows us to serve to all our consumer needs for a longer period.”
The Credit Suite offers its users financial freedom to the highest degree  – providing instant sound solutions to their emergency needs and helping them upgrade their lifestyle. EarlySalary Credit Suite is designed to provide a one-stop credit solution to serve all the possible credit requirements of a salaried individual. 

Highlights of the Credit Suite

EarlySalary is a lifestyle financial tool that enables users to manage life’s experiences whenever and wherever they desire. It requires no formalities, no physical outdoor exposure and is available as a credit solution on the smartphone. The Suite is an all-in-one solution providing a portfolio of services including:

  1. Short-Term Credit Loan: Short term or instant cash loans are available to the users from INR 5,000 to 5,00,000 with a tenure of up to 24 months at interest rates as low as INR 9/day. 
  2. Personal Loans: These loans are disbursed within minutes to help customers fulfil their small financial needs of up to INR 2,00,000. The loan can be paid back in equated monthly instalments.
  3. SalaryCard: The Salary Card is acceptable across India for both online and offline transactions. The customers can avail EMI options on each of the purchase they make using this card. They also get category-based dynamic limits and control via EarlySalary App.  There are no annual or renewal fees involved. 
  4. Free Credit Score: Users can also view their credit score and improve it accordingly. 
  5. Buy on EMIs: The Suite provides the option of buying on EMIs. The monthly EMIs can be easily calculated using the EMI calculator available on the app itself. 

Why would you consider the Suite a revolutionary financial product?

The EarlySalary Credit Suite is the result of sustained efforts and persevered monitoring of customers preferences and their changing needs, especially during and post the pandemic. It could be said that the Suite is the first in the industry that works to solve real-time financial issues of the masses with minimal time and effort required of them at their convenience.  It upholds the 5 pillars of service that we at EarlySalary aim for: 

  1. Product: The Credit Suite empowers the salaried class giving them the liberty to decide the whenever and wherever of their finances. The product wraps numerous innovative features. Just like a smartphone, it will relieve the customers from the need to rush, browse and search for solutions at multiple places or via multiple apps. 
  2. Technology: EarlySalary leverages new-age technologies in the areas of data processing, AI/ML, and analytics for real-time analysis ad decision making. It also provides automated approvals on loans and product offerings according to customers’ needs. 
  3. Data: The App uses Artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML) to peruse the customer data collected over the app and provide a seamless customer experience with best-customized credit solutions. 
  4. Debt: The platform receives over 75,000 applications in a month, and it has disbursed 1.7 million loans to date helping the salaried professionals to sort their finances in the fastest and easiest way. 
  5. Partnerships: EarlySalary has 500 plus tie-ups with travel brands like, Shopping mammoths like Amazon, Flipkart and many other educational institutions.  

The Credit Suite is all about financial independence and assistance all concentrated in a single comprehensive solution. It intends to open a host of possibilities for the users to avail and utilise in building their financial standing in the long-term. The Suite has all got it sorted for users to spend their way to success and happiness!