A bank statement, also known as an account statement, is a bank-issued document that details the actions in a depositor’s savings or current account over the course of a given time and allows account holders to keep track of their transactions and accounts regularly. 

Bank statements are required as a mandatory document when applying for any loan. This article shows you how to get bank statements online or how to check bank statements online.

There are several ways to obtain a bank account statement: 

  1. Netbanking and Bank Apps

Both Netbanking and the official Bank applications follow pretty much the same process on how to get a bank statement. 

  • Login or perform a one-time registration on your bank’s netbanking portal.
  • Look for options that say ‘Download statement’ or ‘View transaction history’.
  • Select a date range to generate the bank account statement, and either click ‘Download’, ‘Send PDF or ‘Send on mt registered Email.
  • The account statement will now be emailed to you as an encrypted PDF or you’ll be provided with an option to directly download the PDF.

2. Check your registered email

Another method on how to take a bank statement online is by using your registered email.

  • Log in to the email account registered with your bank
  • Search for the terms ‘Bank statement’, ‘account statement’, or ‘transaction summary’. 
  • Banks send regular emails with bank statement in a PDF format that are password protected.
  • Download the file and make sure to decrypt it or include the file password while uploading the statement.

3. At an ATM

  • Visit your bank’s nearest ATM with your debit/credit card.
  • You’ll be required to enter your four-digit PIN number.
  • Select/Click on ‘Get mini statement’ or ‘Print mini statement’.
  • You will receive a printed copy of your account’s mini statement.

Most banks now provide online bank statements, making it easier for consumers to see their transaction history and keep track of their expenditures, although obtaining bank statements online is easy, simple, and free, it is not appropriate in a few situations. Some direct links to obtain a PDF account statement from popular banks are given below.

Canara Bank Net BankingState Bank of IndiaHDFC Bank
Axis BankICICI Bank Personal BankingBank of Baroda Net Banking
PNB BankBandhan BankHSBC Online Banking
Indian Bank Central BankUnion Bank e-statement

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